1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ Brainy Baby Flashcards

It’s another great Brainy Baby giveaway!!! I told you they were spoiling us!!! Here’s 2 more wonderful items they sent to us for review and will be giving away to one of YOU!!!

Alphabet flashcards
and “ABC’s, Introducing the Alphabet” DVD…
These two products work perfectly in combination so I decided to bundle them together for 1 winner! The flashcards are a great addition to Tot School, with adorable graphics on one side and bright, bold upper and lowercase letters on the other. They are extremely sturdy and well made.

I added them in with some other ABC items we have to work with during Tot School

The video is very simple, and repetitive. For a mom, it is rather boring but Krash loved it. Even Ladybug watches it when she’s in the room and Pac Man (age 7) still hasn’t outgrown these types of movies. The simple repetitive nature allows a young child to really focus on the letter names and sounds. I do not recommend using a DVD like this solely for teaching the ABCs but I think it’s fine in moderation. Honestly I would lose my sanity if it weren’t for some DVDs like this one…a mom’s gotta have a break sometimes…especially a homeschooling mom!!!