Thanksgiving Toys

Below are some of our favorite Thanksgiving toys, play-sets, toys, and books!  We have had ours for years and get them out every season.  Pac Man is 8 and still LOVES when they come out!  I am currently making a new Preschool Pack {similar to Tot Packs but with more printables to focus on preschool level skills} using photos of our play sets as the main images!

Fisher Price doesn’t sell the Mayflower anymore {at least not on their site}, but I see that Amazon does and if you look in the “new & used” section you will see they have ones cheaper than the main set shown on Amazon.image

We also have the Thanksgiving Celebration play set, which they do carry on Amazon and on the Fisher Price site.image


We have this stuffed turkey and he is featured in our upcoming Thanksgiving Preschool Pack too!turkey


We also have several Thanksgiving books we love, here are a few of our favorites…


I have Thanksgiving ideas linked up here on our Fall Fun webpage and will be adding to it as we do more this year!