1+1+1=1 App

You might have noticed we have a new blog header, similar to the old one but adjusted a bit to include a few more quick links for you. One of the new icons up there looks like this…

App Button 1plus1plus1

I created an app for my blog using AppGuppy a long time ago but never shared it.  Honestly I didn’t see the use for my readers, but recently with the changes Facebook has made {meaning less and less of you actually see my posts in your newsfeed} I figured it might be useful for those of you who want to be in the loop in an easier way on a mobile device. It is a nice way to follow a few of my accounts in one place and just jump to what you want.

I went in and updated the app and am now sharing it with you! It does not go through an app host {Apple, Android} it is set up differently and once you see it will make sense. You click here from your computer and you are given this screen where you can then send yourself a code or scan the QR code from your mobile device.

1plus1plus1 App

Once installed, the app basically becomes an icon on your homescreen and you can use it to check in with my blog feed, Facebook feed, Pinterest feed all in one place!  There’s also an About tab and an Instagram tab {which just shares my Instagram name and a link}.

Facebook shows my posts to a very small number of my followers and many of you miss what I share.  I use Facebook to share my own posts {some old and of course new} and I also use it as a way to share great posts from others that I love. All will show up on this app for you!

Below you can see screen shots of each section in the app to give you a feel for how it looks.

App Blog Feed App Facebook App PinterestApp Instagram APP About

I hope some of you enjoy this and it helps you stay in touch. Download our app here!