Build Your Bundle 2019–Let’s Get Started!

BYB 2019 Intro Post

{disclaimer ~ I am a contributor and affiliate with BYB}

The day has arrived! Build your Bundle Homeschool Edition 2019 is open! Many of you look forward to this sale now and some of you are wondering what in the world I am so excited about! Trust me, it is worth taking some time to look at, you could save TONS of money on homeschool curriculum.

This is going to be a long post – in my effort to help you! You’ll find a general explanation, PDF printables to download, an Excel spreadsheet I made to help you, my favorites, what I bought and another PDF showing what I bought in a visual format.

BYB Has Changed!

If you have purchased from BYB in the past I think you will be very excited to learn how much better it is this year! The structure is much more simple – the more you spend, the more you save! I created a blank editable spreadsheet you can use to track your totals as you find things you like.

I recommend making a list {use my spreadsheet so it will total the value for you} of everything you want. Then decide how much you want to spend and delete items until you reach your goal. You can see the savings structure in the graphic below.


Basically, when you reach $100, you only pay $25 {75% off}, when you reach $200, you only pay $40 {80% off}, when you reach $400, you only pay $60 {85% off}, and when you reach $800, you only pay $80 {90% off}. You’ll be able to see it better when you begin adding items to the cart using the Build Your Own option.



Helpful Printables

Here is a great PDF listing all of the products so you can tally up what you want to purchase. This should help you see if a pre-made bundle or a Build your Own is your best option.  Download this PDF here.

BYO Worksheet 2019

I created my own Excel sheet that totals the prices up as you add items to the list so you can see where you are at. In tab 1 you can see a blank option for you to use, in tab 2 you can see my purchase list!

CLICK HERE to download a blank Excel file that you are welcome to use!

What did 1+1+1=1 Contribute?

I am a contributor and affiliate for Build Your Bundle, our Alphabet Bundle is one of the products included this year. You can add this product to a Build Your Own or get it in the Preschool Bundle.


This Alphabet Bundle is a combination of our most popular alphabet products from our shop.

Alphabet Bundle TN

My Favorites!

I went through the entire BYB contents and chose my very favorite products. Here is a visual list, be sure to take a peek at these! 

These are just some of my favorites…


My Purchases

My kids are older so although I recommend many early childhood products, I bought different items personally! Here’s a screenshot of my spreadsheet showing my purchases and how I decided on the best savings for me. My goal was to purchase $100 worth of products and pay $25! I went just over $100 ending at $27.22 and I had the $5 off coupon code that I got during the giveaway so I used that too! If you entered the giveaway last week you got the coupon via email, be sure to use it!

BYB 2019 Purchases

It is time to shop!

Just don’t wait too long, see the timer below for how much time you have left to purchase! Click here to go shopping!