Preschool & Kindergarten in the Build Your Bundle 2019

The BYB Sale is now over.

BYB 2019 Early Childhood Favorites{disclaimer ~ I am a contributor and affiliate with BYB}

Build your Bundle Homeschool Edition 2019 is here until May 22!

A quick reminder about the changes in the Build Your Own this year…

If you have purchased from BYB in the past I think you will be very excited to learn how much better it is this year! The structure is much more simple – the more you spend, the more you save! I created a blank editable spreadsheet you can use to track your totals as you find things you like.

I recommend making a list {use my spreadsheet so it will total the value for you} of everything you want. Then decide how much you want to spend and delete items until you reach your goal. You can see the savings structure in the graphic below.


Preschool & K Favorites…

Many of my readers have little ones so I always like to highlight my favorites for you! The BYB is a great way to get your hands on some great downloadable curriculum for very low cost! I am VERY picky when I share my favorites with you. I don’t just include everything that says “Preschool” or “Kindergarten” which is why I am only highlighting  very few products. These are my ABSOLUTE favorites. There are many more but be sure to look at these!

Number of the Week

Value – $20


This is an incredible product from one of our favorite publishers – Crafty Classroom. You can see more about this product here in the Crafty Classroom Shop. This product is in the Preschool Bundle or can be added to a Build Your Own Bundle.


NumberCharts-1024x549  NumberHandwriting-1024x549NumberMazes-1024x549  NumberWorksheets-1024x549PLaydough-1024x549  NumberBingo-1024x549

Fables & Tales

Value – $20


I LOVE this product! See more here in the Crafty Classroom Shop. In the BYB, you can get this in the Kindergarten Bundle or add it to a Build Your Own.



Get Started with Preschool

Value – $31.95


This product is a combination of many wonderful preschool products from the Life Abundantly Shop. You get ALL of these within the Get Started with Preschool download, which you can get  with the BYB in the Preschool Bundle or as an addition to a Build Your Own Bundle.

    • Preschool Morning Binder
    • 3-Part Montessori Science Cards
    • Rainbow Writing Workbook
    • Vintage ABC/123 Flashcard Bundle

ringspiralbinder_836x1061  Preschool Morning Binder

3PartFREE_Product ImageNEW  FlashcardBundlePreviewNEW  RainbowWritingPreviewNEW

Alphabet Bundle

Value – $8.75


Our Alphabet Bundle is one of the products included this year. You can add this product to a Build Your Own or get it in the Preschool Bundle.

This Alphabet Bundle is a combination of our most popular alphabet products from our shop. It is great for preschool and Kindergarten, giving your child many opportunities to work on letter identification, letter sounds, and more! This bundle sells for $8.75 in our shop here.


More Early Childhood Favorites!

I also love Kindergarten Morning Work, Exploring Nature Science, and the Letter Tiles Activities!


There are MANY more preschool and Kindergarten products, you can even grab the Preschool Bundle and a Kindergarten Bundle. Or, you can add the specific products you want to a Build Your Own! When you get to $100 in value, you will only pay $25!



Sample Purchase:

Here is a sample of how you get everything I have featured in this post and the final cost {with and without the $5 coupon you may have gotten during the presale last week}. Remember, the more you add, the more you save. If you want more, try to reach the $200 mark to save 80%!!

Sample K Purchase

It is time to shop!

Just don’t wait too long, see the timer below for how much time you have left to purchase! Click here to go shopping!