2020-2021 Year at a Glance Homeschool Calendar Printable

We start back to school soon and honestly, I am not emotionally ready. Technically I am prepared, but my heart just isn’t ready yet. I have counted lessons, days, weeks, and more to see when we should start. I count backward from the goal finish date and always allow for at least 3 weeks off at Christmas time. Based on a few other factors, that date is August 3 this year. I really should start then, and we probably will, but I give myself the freedom to change my mind if needed. So, it may be August 11. Follow me on Instagram to see when we actually start!

I made a colorful year-at-a-glance calendar to make myself feel better. It looks pretty, but the facts didn’t change simply because it is pretty. Bummer. Hopefully, my heart will catch up with reality soon. Normally, I am excited to get back to school and I pray I get there. Or at the very least I get a bit closer to excited than I am right now.

If you’d like to download the calendar I made you can here! I added a few different options, so be sure to print the one you want.