Integrity Time Online Review & Giveaway

Integrity Time Online Review

I was given the following items to review…

After spending hours looking over this, I made the decision to use it for our character development this year!  It seems like a perfect fit and I think the music will really draw my kids in, they LOVE music!  Since my kids are ages 4, 7, and 11 I decided to go with the Know It {recommended for ages 4-7} curriculum, and focus on Ladybug and Krash mainly.  I won’t require PacMan to participate, but he will always be welcome.

To prepare for our year, I created a lesson binder, and a song binder.

Integrity Time -7351

I also printed and laminated the characters and made popsicle stick puppets.  I had a long piece of styrofoam so I made a little display to make it easier to find them during our lessons.

Integrity Time -7366


PacMan snapped some pictures while I was teaching the very first lesson, on our 2nd day of homeschool this year. 

Integrity Time -6421

My favorite parts of this program are  the characters and the music.  When I presented the characters to my kids, they loved them.

Integrity Time -6448

We met 4 characters on the first day,

  • Complaining Clemo
  • Helpful Henry
  • Positive Polly
  • Selfish Sellie

Just the characters alone were such a fabulous teaching tool as the kids could really relate to the faces the characters were making. 

Integrity Time -6457

I made a playlist for the music and it was really easy to jump to the songs {which are specifically listed out for you in the manual}.

Integrity Time -6467


What I Love ~

The music!  It is awesome and although not faith based, it aligns with my Christian faith.  The messages are definitely messages I want my kids hearing.  My kids LOVE the music, especially Ladybug, who dances around!

Integrity Time -8662 Integrity Time -7356

The characters!  With the program, you get printable characters and I love the artwork.  The names are great, and are really meaningful to my kids.  This hands on addition makes the lessons come to life in a great way.

The lesson manual, song printables, and organization.  It really is all prepared at the beginning of the year and then I can just sit down and teach. It took some prep work in the beginning, but now I am done and just teach!


Thoughts to Consider ~

I have no negatives for you, just some thoughts to consider.  The curriculum is written to a class, not a family.  This is fine and is adjustable as you speak to your kids if homeschooling, but it is something I think as a homeschooler you might like to know!

There aren’t new characters presented with every lesson.  My kids LOVE the characters so I needed to bring them out for each new lesson.  I wish there was a new one introduced in each lesson. For lessons that don’t have a new character we just review and role play with the ones we have already met.


Final Thoughts ~

Obviously I have positive overall thoughts, as we have chosen to use this as our character program for the year. We are up to our 4th lesson, doing one per week, and I am already seeing great results.  The other day at our camper, one of our kids was being grumpy and complaining, and Ladybug said, “He’s being like Complaining Clemo!”  While it wasn’t exactly fabulous that she called her brother out, I was thrilled to see the lesson stuck!

If you are looking for a character development program to use, I definitely recommend looking into Integrity Time.  You can see more in my Learning with Ladybug series, where I share a bit about what we did each week!

Integrity Time is offering a giveaway for you!  Enter to win your choice of either Integrity Time Online Program!


Based on the program you’d like to win, please choose which Rafflecopter widget to use.  The top is for the Know it {ages 4-7}, and the bottom is for the Grow It {ages 7-11}.  You may enter both, but you may only win one.

Giveaway is open worldwide, US winners will receive actual CDs, all others will receive a download of the music.  Curriculum is an online subscription. Giveaway ends 10/2/13.

1) 1 Integrity Time Online Know It 1 Year subscription and Know It! CD

· ABC Integrity Time Know It (preschool – 1st grade) is a unique program designed to teach our young children foundational values of Integrity. It includes 26 Lessons based on the ABC’s – A stands for Attitude, B stands for Behavior, C stands for Cooperation, etc. The children will learn through games, special snacks, fun puppets, and creative songs many lessons about the importance of choosing what is true and good and right.

· The Integrity Time Online subscriber will receive the entire 26 lesson curriculum in PDF format, along with excellent resources and supplemental materials to expand the Integrity Time Lessons.

Integrity Tunes

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2) 1 Integrity Time Online Grow It 1 Year Subscription and Grow It! CD

· Integrity Time Grow It (2nd-4th grades) teaches children about some of the pitfalls which hinder integrity, including cheating, teasing, tattling, being mean, and being lazy, and shows how to avoid these pitfalls. The program encourages integration into the academic world of reading, creative writing, journaling, and art through guided journal entries, and student booklets. Integrity Time Grow It includes 26 lessons with 26 original integrity stories.

· The Integrity Time Online subscriber will receive the entire 26 lesson curriculum in PDF format, along with excellent resources and supplemental materials to expand the Integrity Time Lessons.

Integrity Tunes 2

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Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway!


Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway


The 1st Annual "Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds" Giveaway

Welcome friends! We are excited to bring you a giveaway designed to bless homeschooling families with "last minute funds" to use to purchase curriculum in their homeschool. This year is the very first year and we have three amazing prizes!


  • We are giving away $750 in cash prizes to the homeschool community
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Heart Behind This Ministry

The Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway was created to bless homeschool families who are in need of financial assistance to purchase their homeschooling curriculum. The giveaway was birthed in the heart of Carlie Kercheval, founder of So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler?, last year while praying for a friend who could not afford to buy her family’s curriculum due to the unexpected passing of her husband. It was from that moment on God placed a burning desire in her heart to begin to bless the homeschool community by providing funds for purchasing curriculum.


Giveaway Sponsors

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Blue Manor Academy Review & Giveaway

{disclaimer ~ Blue Manor is a blog sponsor, and I was given the Preschool and Kindergarten curriculums to review at no cost}

Blue Manor Academy Christian Preschool Curriculum

Are you looking for a Christian Preschool Curriculum that requires zero preparation time and no teaching experience?  Blue Manor Academy might have just what you are looking for!  We were able to review both the Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum set and are honored to host this giveaway for one of you!

Read their mission statement below to get a better feel about Blue Manor Academy…


Who is Blue Manor? We believe that an Elite Education begins in the Home.  We are on a mission to help parents raise sons and daughters, whose legacies honor their families and glorify their God.  We create learning books for kids ages 1-12 and early learning curriculum – new books are added every month!  We inform and inspire parents and homeschoolers through our two blogs:  Blue Manor Homeschool  &  True Aim.

We need your support because WE are in this together.  Please join the Manor Homeschool Community today!

You have seen me home preschool my kids here on my blog and what I do would definitely not fall into the category of “zero prep” at all!  I enjoy all of the preparation I do for my young ones, but I know it is extremely overwhelming to many of you, which is where Blue Manor comes in. 

Today we are giving away 1 Full Preschool Curriculum eBook Set including 23 individual eBooks and an additional "how to" teaching manual.  Blue Manor Christian preschool curriculum will not only prepare your children for kindergarten, but will also lay a strong physical, intellectual, and spiritual foundation that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.



What Did We Think?

I was a bit skeptical at first to be honest, but I loved the simplicity of the ebooks and the information presented.  I already knew Ladybug loved the iPad so I loaded the curriculum books into iBooks and began using them with her immediately.  Obviously this isn’t a core part of our home learning, since we are mostly hands on, but this is a wonderful addition.  Here’s a screenshot of our Blue Manor Preschool collection in iBooks right now.  I don’t have all of them loaded, only the ones we are using currently, the rest are on my computer and can be transferred easily.

Blue Manor Preschool eBooks

What I love most is the realistic images, such as the example below.  Real world images and photographs like this are great to spark discussion and learning naturally. 

Blue Manor Preschool Senses Book Sample

Ladybug’s favorite books to snuggle up and learn with me are…

  • Animal Recognition
  • General Concepts
  • Seasons and Weather

I love that concepts that she needs to know appear in these books even though I might not touch on them in everyday life.  She really enjoyed talking with me about the different storms in the Seasons and Weather book…something we don’t often talk about {beyond the occasional thunderstorm}.  I am just skimming the surface of the material included in the K set also, it’s some great stuff!

    I have printed out the Drawing and Art printables, and we will be using those this year also!


Is it for YOU?

Blue Manor Academy is a wonderful Christian homeschool alternative for the early years.  I would recommend it as a supplement for parents who already do tons of hands on learning, or for the parent who doesn’t like to plan at all but wants to be sure to cover the basics {and then some}. If your child like eBooks on the computer or iPad, this would be a fabulous choice. The base price is awesome for all that you gain access to, and the eBooks are very well done.  Regular price is $39.99 currently, but there’s a 30% discount code at the bottom of this post!

If you don’t have an iPad or tablet, I could see using the computer all of the time being a bit cumbersome, I personally wouldn’t like that.  The iPad allows for good snuggle up time with the books..

If you are a hands on preschool planning momma, this would just be an addition for you, if you can fit it in the budget.  That’s what I am, so we will be using it only as an addition to what we already do, which is mostly hands on learning.

The phonics system presented is not the method we follow, so if you already have a program in place for teaching phonics and reading, you might find a contradiction {mostly with the order of sounds presented and such}.  We use a different curriculum for reading so to not confuse her, I am choosing not to use any phonics/reading eBooks in the set, except just for fun.  She likes me to read the phonics books aloud to her!

You can learn more over at the Blue Manor website, their Preschool learning page has awesome resources for parents looking for the perfect curriculum for their preschooler including free learning sites, Answers to Common Questions like, "What does my child need to know for Kindergarten." and more!  They also have even more free resources including a Free Book of Virtues,  A Free Blank Calendar Customizable to any month of any year,  2 Homeschool video libraries; The Hows and Why’s of Homeschooling, and Why Public Schools are Failing.  Their Homeschool Blog is filled with current news and inspiration.

Want to see it more in action?  Here’s a video from their site:

You can also see another review, from my friend Becky at For This Season here.  If you watch her video review, you’ll see that we agree mostly!


Like what you see?


If you choose to purchase now,

you can get 30% off

using our special discount code: 1plusE30

You can also enter to win, if you are selected as the winner, Blue Manor will refund your purchase price!

We are giving away 1 Blue Manor Academy Christian Preschool Curriculum, use Rafflecopter to enter below {view on blog and not in email/RSS}.  Giveaway is open worldwide and ends August 20, 2013

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Chloe the Jumbo Jet Giveaway


I am always looking for ways to make world geography fun and natural.  Books are often a great way to do this.  Our blog sponsor, Chloe the Jumbo Jet, sent us a book to review and are graciously letting us host a giveaway for one of you!

Chloe is an airplane, the artwork reminded us a lot of Jay Jay the Jet Plane, which we all love! This book is the first in this upcoming series geared towards kids ages 4-8, which takes the airplanes on worldwide adventures! The moment I opened the package, Ladybug begged me to read the book.  I honestly thought Krash would enjoy it most, but Ladybug was the biggest fan!  She loved the airplanes and asked to read it again right when we finished!Chloe Learning Activities

The storyline of the book we reviewed is centered around introducing the characters and traveling with them on their first adventure, which involves taking swimmers to the Olympic Games in London! Lots of geography basics are built in that you could easily expand on after reading. One awesome way would be to use the free printable activity pack offered on their website! I sure hope they offer these for upcoming books!  The activities are more for older kids, you can take a peek here!

There are several characters ~ Chloe from Korea,  Ana from Mexico, Keenan from Ireland, Kofi from Ghana, and Ludwig from Germany. You can read more about them here!

Chloe the Jumbo Jet A Problem of Olympic Proportions can be purchased here on Amazon!

One of you will win the book we reviewed, Chloe the Jumbo Jet A Problem of Olympic Proportions and a t-shirt too!

cover  Chloe the Jumbo Jet_KidsT_Front

Use the Rafflecopter form to enter below {if you don’t see the widget be sure to view on the actual blog and not RSS/email}.  Giveaway is open worldwide and ends July 23, 2013.

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Montessori at Home! Giveaway & Discount

Montessori at Home!

{disclaimer ~ this is a giveaway post, I was given a copy of the eBook to review and there are affiliate links in this post.}

If you have read my blog for awhile you know my passion for Montessori and have probably read posts from John Bowman, who writes the Montessori Minute for us every couple of months. Years ago he contacted me about his first edition of Montessori at Home! and we have been working together ever since.  John has recently released the 3rd edition of his already amazing book {if you already have an earlier edition, you get the update for free}.

I can’t believe he was able to make it even better, it was already amazing. If you are interested in home preschool at all, I HIGHLY recommend this resource.  There isn’t anything else out there like this, I truly wish I would have had it 7 years ago when I began! Even if you don’t want to implement a full Montessori experience {which we do not} this book is the best resource I have seen to pull everything in one place. I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful it is. It is filled with pictures, ideas, links, and clear concise explanations.

If you are like me, you LOVE photographs in a book. The thing I love the most about this book is the outstanding use of examples through photographs.  Here are 4 of my favorite pages in the book, both filled with photos, and all of the blue writing you see links to awesome resources on the web!

Montessori at Home Sample Pages

Need more details? 

See many sample pages offered by John here.  He is so generous to offer this sample pack, it is truly amazing. Definitely gives you a great taste of what the book is! Keep in mind these pages are directly from the 512 page eBook, so it’s just a small portion. Be sure to notice the cute girl on page 10!

This is written by John to share more of what is included in this amazing resource…

The Montessori At Home! Third Edition eBook

The Third Edition of Montessori At Home! is a unique resource – a 512 page pdf eBook with a totally updated, complete Montessori program parents can do at home with their 3-6 year old children.

Highlights include:

  • A Quick Start Guide and recommendations for first activities so parents can start the same day they download the book
  • Clear, well organized early chapters to prepare parents to be successful, including: Maria Montessori & Early Childhood Education, Using Montessori Principles in Parenting, A Parent’s Guide to Using Learning Materials at Home.
  • Clear, easy to follow descriptions of over 300 activities and materials in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Art & Music, Digital Life, Science, Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. You will not find such a complete collection of early learning activities anywhere else.
  •  Links to sites, blogs, and videos are found everywhere throughout the eBook to expand on the information in the book, help parents clearly see what to do, and give parents new ideas. Many videos are for children to watch as educational activities in themselves.
  • Recommendations are given throughout the eBook for over 225 digital tablet apps that reinforce and expand on the hands-on materials. The Digital Life chapter and app recommendations give parents the most clear, up to date guide available on safely using digital devices with preschoolers in developmentally appropriate ways.
  •  A greatly expanded Science chapter, with activities about Plants, Animals, the Human Body, Geography, Physical Science, Outer Space, and the Earth.
  • Clear, easy to follow sequences for teaching Math, Reading, and Writing, from a child’s first experiences through mastering advanced skills.
  •  76 pages of free printables to use with many activities in the book.
  • A copy of the eBook, Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori: Favorite Activities and Ideas, comes with every download. This great book will take you inside the homes of Moms who are doing Montessori at home. See what they are doing, learn from their tips, get activity ideas, and join the large and growing community of Moms working with their children at home.

Montessori At Home! is a pdf eBook, easily read on all computers, and especially optimized for viewing on the iPad. The book is full of high quality photographs, illustrations, quotes, clear explanations, and practical information on every page.

Montessori early learning materials help young children develop excellent brain architecture, a positive, confident self-image, a true love of learning, and early skills in math and reading that provide a great head start for school. Children love doing Montessori activities, because these materials provide real food for brain development.


Great News!

We are giving away a copy of the new Montessori at Home! eBook and the Montessori Print Shop Printable Bundle! The print bundle is from another company we love and compliments many of the activities in the eBook, the bundle sells for $24.95, learn more here.

Cover image  MAH-Bundle-Layout-700


AND ~ John is offering my readers a $2 discount on the eBook, making it only 8.95 ~ for 512 pages!  Amazing! You have to use this checkout page to get the book for $2 off, so be sure to use this link if you want to purchase! There’s no code, just a buy now button on that page that gives you the lower price!

Enter to win below using the Rafflecopter form {if you don’t see it, be sure you are reading on the actual blog and not via email or RSS}.

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends 7/2/13

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