Tot School ~ Letter Nn / Bugs

~Ladybug is currently 26.5 months old~



Tot School Printables N is for Net

Letter: Nn

Object: Net

Vocabulary Development Theme: Bugs

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I set many of her Nn activities up in our pocket chart so she could easily see the options and show me what she would like to do. Everything you see can be downloaded from the Tot School Printables Letter Nn section, except for the ABC cards on the left-those are from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Tot Pack.


Tracing lines…IMG_8451

Coloring things that start with Nn…IMG_8743

Poking the letter Nn…IMG_8747

A little stamping is always added in, she loves these stampers!IMG_8749

Letter Nn printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter N

Tot-Trays26 Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu

The set-up for her shelves this week…

  • top shelf: ladybug Easter basket {filled with some small bugs}, bug hats {Target}, bug flashcards {Target}
  • top left shelf: bug library books
  • top middle shelf: bug board books
  • top right shelf: mini containers with bug flashcards and bug printables from Montessori Print Shop
  • bottom left: sorting colored bugs into cups
  • bottom middle: plastic chopsticks and mini ladybug & Butterfly erasers {Oriental Trading I think}
  • bottom right: Bee Hive game
  • far right: buggy fleece {to use with sensory bin and for play-she LOVES blankees!}


This week I set up both sides with the bug theme, I won’t always do this-especially for smaller themes. Bugs was the theme for Krash and PacMan too, so it took over homeschool {and still is!}


She went straight for the bee hat and has put it on each day! Here she was sorting the bugs by color..IMG_8399

She didn’t like the chop sticks I had for this so she used her fingers which is totally fine!IMG_8412

She loved the net I put out and we had fun catching bugs with it…IMG_8416


She still loves this bug puzzle even though it is way too easy for her now…


Ordering caterpillars by size…IMG_8759

To say she likes the bug books would be a total understatement. I don’t know what it is about kids and bugs but it is a true love relationship. She looks through her bug books daily.IMG_8762


The Bugs Sensory Bin was enjoyed all week long, MANY times! This is definitely a favorite bin. Both little kids have asked for it daily.





We made sound eggs together…IMG_8463

She was able to tell me what each one was several times and really enjoyed this!IMG_8469


We went to the zoo with some great friends! Ladybug loved it all but the sheep freaked her out a tad.

IMG_8591 IMG_8619 IMG_8634


At the zoo, she was all smiles-all day long.

Until it was time for a group photo and she pulled out the DRAMA.



Tot School ~ Letter Mm

~Ladybug is currently 26.5 months old~



Tot School Printables M is for Mouse

Letter: Mm

Object: Mouse

Vocabulary Development Theme: Small Mammals

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I set many of her Mm activities up in our pocket chart so she could easily see the options and show me what she would like to do. I also set out a few books about small mammals, some stuffed small mammals, as well as our Pet Sounds puzzle which features a mouse and a hamster. She went straight for the puzzle!IMG_8087


She then saw the little animals {these are from the pets toob} I set out and we used the vocabulary cards in her dry erase board to find the animals…


Coloring mice…IMG_8109

We got out the cookie sheet for some magnet work…IMG_8142

This cute little Mm is for Mouse puzzle is from A Heart for HomeIMG_8143


Dot Painting Mm’s…IMG_8151


Shocking me with her line tracing…IMG_8157

She didn’t want to color her accordion book this week but she enjoyed “reading” it and playing “up-down” with it!IMG_8168

More coloring…IMG_8170

Letter Mm printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot-Trays2 Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

The set-up for her shelves was the same this week…IMG_7919

In case you missed last week’s post with details, here’s the info:

Working on her shape matching with Feel and FindIMG_8204

Stacking too…IMG_8210

Tongs {these are from an old bug play set from Target years ago} and pom poms. I worked with her on her grasp this time. Tots will progress from a whole fist to a grip more like you see below as their little muscles develop. {If you need more info about this-I recommend purchasing John Bowman’s eBook, Montessori at Home. For those of you who already own the eBook, Mr. Bowman explains this progression in great detail with photos starting on page 55}


We are starting to introduce patterns. She enjoyed this.IMG_8239

She loved working with the USA puzzle and the little USA book. She had me tell her every state as she parroted back to me. This particular puzzle I got at Dollar Tree last week and it is perfect for her little hands.IMG_8221

She asked to do a pattern block puzzle but got frustrated a lot with the wiggling of the pieces. I want to get her the magnetic version.IMG_8244

Mini PerfectionIMG_8277


The 4th of July Sensory Bin was enjoyed all week long!IMG_8252

This week I decided to throw together an “Mm” sensory bin. I just used beans as a sensory base and added letters and items that begin with M. She loved it! It was great phonics practice for Krash too!IMG_8102


We have a college student living with us for a few weeks as he serves alongside of my husband in ministry. Ladybug has claimed him. She is seriously in love. Thankfully he is totally sweet to her and spends a lot of his free time with her. Here he was reading her the book Mouse Mess-her favorite mouse book from our letter Mm-mouse week!



My little 4th of July firecracker. I love the way her hair curls in the hot humidity. IMG_8028


Tot School ~ Letter Ll

~Ladybug is currently 26.5 months old~


Tot School Printables L is for Leaf

Letter: Ll

Object: Leaf

Vocabulary Development Theme: Nature

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I set many of her Ll activities up in our pocket chart so she could easily see the options and show me what she would like to do. She chose coloring her vocabulary cards in her dry erase board first…


Shadow matching…IMG_7540

I love her hard at work…IMG_7547

Dot Painting Ll’s…IMG_7553

We got out the cookie sheet for some magnet work…IMG_7560


She had the most fun lining up the pom poms on the side!IMG_7566

She chose to dot paint her color cards this week…IMG_7588

She also spent lots of time screwing the caps on and off…IMG_7581

Cutting her Nature Cutting Strip…IMG_7838

Coloring her Ll pictures…IMG_7885

Gluing her numbers in order…IMG_7896

Stamping Ll’s on her leaf…IMG_7736

Letter Ll printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter L


I am hoping to snap a photo of the set up each week so you can see all that was displayed for her to choose from. This week I didn’t actually set her shelves up until mid-week so we will leave these up throughout next week too! All of the kids love this new setup and the simple display of the toys is such a way to draw them in!

This week I got out red/white/blue toys as well as some USA items.


Ladybug was immediately drawn to the foam block and sticks. I modeled for her how to poke them in and she went to work.IMG_7931

After she got them all in I showed her that she could drop the red and blue pieces onto the sticks and she LOVED this. You can see Krash off to the right, he loved it all too!IMG_7939

Tongs {these are from an old bug play set from Target years ago} and pom pomsIMG_7945


Dot Paint tops were a huge hit this week. She stacked, knocked and restacked these many times!!

IMG_7890 IMG_7893

I made a new batch of play dough and it got played with a lot!


Making our letter in our sparkly red dough…IMG_7903

Rolling with our roller from the Grasshopper Kit

IMG_7907 IMG_7909

tub of fun

I got out the 4th of July Sensory Bin on July 1 and the kids dove right in.IMG_7805

Ladybug especially liked spooning the rice…IMG_7819

She also loved the fireworks straws!!!IMG_7828

Techy-Tot_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thumbOur iPad got its normal workout this week, with Ladybug and the boys playing tons of games featured in my Educational iPad Apps blog post!

IMG_7708 IMG_7751

This week Ladybug spent most of her time playing Toca Tea Party, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Monte-Lingual (1-10), Wood Puzzle and Starfall.

image image11 image18 image24 image


Ladybug was the only child for over 2 weeks with the boys down south visiting grandparents. She had a real awakening when they returned and she suddenly had to share again. These snakes {my mom makes them for the kids} were a hot item and she claimed them all while the boys were away. You can see her protective nature as she was trying to show the boys they were indeed- all hers.

IMG_7666 IMG_7671

We convinced her shortly after that she had to share and then it became a game of piling them on Pac Man…IMG_7678


She really seemed happy to have her guys back, it was cute!!

IMG_7693 IMG_7697




Tot School ~ Letter Kk {part 2}

~Ladybug is currently 26 months old~

See Part 1 of Letter K here!  We took two weeks to complete this unit!


Tot School Printables K is for Key

Letter: Kk

Object: Keys

Vocabulary Development Theme: Household Objects

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

We had loads of fun with Play Dough this week! She asked for it almost every day! This particular day we used a K cookie cutter and also some tiny keys I had for her! She loved squishing the keys into the dough.IMG_7057


She used her scissors to cut her play dough snakes…IMG_7069

We made the letter Kk…IMG_7079

Then used the key to make impressions into the dough, GREAT fine motor work and she loved this!IMG_7083

Pop Pop joined her for some coloring time, they colored her key cards together…IMG_7088

She then colored all of her shapes by herself…IMG_7093

The BIGGEST and most EXCITING event of the week—GLUE! The girl loves the glue. I taught her how to use white glue with a Qtip and a small cup and she mastered the process almost immediately.IMG_7100

She glued her shapes on as I cut them out and we named them together..IMG_7104

She didn’t want to stop there, so we glued her color cards onto a paper…IMG_7108

She still wasn’t done, so I cut up her numbers for her…IMG_7111

Finally, she finished up by gluing her cutting strip pieces down…IMG_7113

She did ask to glue on several other occasions, it is definitely a new favorite.IMG_7132

I finally decided on a spot to officially hang our pocket chart on the wall and she enjoyed using it for her vocabulary cards and her shadow matching cards…IMG_7164

The Crayola Dry Erase Center is still getting a great workout, as is the lap desk ;-)…IMG_7171

She loves coloring her vocabulary cards too…IMG_7175

Letter Kk printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter K

Tot Trays

Ladybug’s Tot Trays/Learning Toys have a new home!!! I finally decided on what I wanted and how I wanted it set up. I love the drawers for loose toys, but I also loved the trays for the display aspect, so I found a way to do both! You can see how I had things set up for her at the beginning of the week here. In the future I have grand plans of displaying items on the top also, but we didn’t have these shelves put together until the last minute so I was lucky to even have this! IMG_7131

Tweezing pom pomsIMG_7193

She LOVES this, as pom poms seem to be the easiest, while still requiring great concentration and fine motor skills. She did this tray many times.IMG_7195

Ping Pong balls and cups

IMG_7204This was a simple way to reinforce counting 1 to 1 {saying the number and touching the object}. She can count to 11 easily, but I had only 8 cups so we did 8 with this activity and practiced not counting too fast!

I also gave her a large parmesan cheese container so she could pour the balls back into it when she was done.IMG_7208

She got creative and decided to put 1 Hex Bug in each cup and then shut him in with a ball!IMG_7214




We were sent more toys from Guidecraft to review and are so very thankful! She was VERY challenged by this screw block at the beginning of the week and we spent a lot of time together as she just watched me model. I held her hands gently to show her a few days later and the next day she was ready to try on her own!IMG_7419

It was a really neat progression of skills over a few days and although she still can’t do it perfectly, it is just enough of a challenge for her! I LOVE this toy and can’t wait for Krash to see it to!IMG_7422

This is an OLD toy of mine from my teaching days that I found when I cleaned out the school storage room. I remember it used to have a puzzle base but that was missing. We used it anyway!IMG_7436

ABC puzzle {no clue where I got this one}…IMG_7153

Fishing for ABCs {she LOVES this, we got ours at consignment but it looks like this is the updated version}…IMG_7184

TONS of free drawing this week, this girl loves to draw and color!!!IMG_7122

Techy-Tot_thumb2_thumb_thumbI didn’t get any action shots of her with our iPad this week, but I thought I would still share the apps she played with most. These are the ones she chose on her own and really enjoyed. Some came from recommendations from readers on my Educational iPad Apps blog post last week – thank you!

Definitely her VERY favorite is Doodle Buddy, with Monkey Preschool Lunchbox getting almost as much play time! She also chose to play Monte-Lingual (1-10) and Wood Puzzle quite a bit also.

image image image image



The boys are out of town so she has been helping them out by feeding the turtle for them and she LOVES her new job. For those of you who are long time blog readers, this is the same turtle we made a labook about years ago!!!! We had 2 turtles and one died, but this one is “Beach” the tiny turtle pictured in the upper right corner of the lapbook cover-s/he is almost 4 years old now and huge!

IMG_7340 IMG_7342IMG_7351 IMG_7359



Tot School ~ Letter Kk

~Ladybug is currently 26 months old~


Tot School Printables K is for Key

Letter: Kk

Object: Keys

Vocabulary Development Theme: Household Objects

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

See Part Two of Letter K is for Key here!  We took two weeks to do this letter!

It has been an unusual week this week at our house! Both of my boys are gone, and Ladybug is an only child!!!! The boys will be visiting with grandparents for 2 weeks {one week with each set} so I have my weeks scheduled out. This past week I did house projects {to be shared soon-one was the school storage room}, and this coming week I am planning our summer school themes and getting as far ahead into fall planning as I can.

In the meantime I am trying to keep Ladybug busy and my little schoolgirl has been carrying on! We didn’t do a lot of formal school, I just spent time with her in between cleaning spurts! She is in LOVE with her new lap tray-purchased at Michaels for less than $4!!! The boys each got one too at that price-thanks to all who helped me with shopping advice!


She is also LOVING her Crayola Dry Erase Center, check out the Kk’s she wrote-I was amazed!!IMG_6866

Dot painting letter Kk {from COAH}…IMG_6876

Dot painting Kk’s on the keys…IMG_6881

Coloring her household objects accordion book…IMG_6883

We didn’t get to everything, so we will extend our Kk week into next week!

Letter Kk printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter K


Stickers on the face…


Pegs in the Twister CurvesIMG_6848

My little artist…IMG_6889

Her first person!!!! She is my earliest person drawer!!IMG_6924

This young lady is obsessed with Hex Bugs. The boys have them and she found them recently and now has her own pink one and claims they all belong to her as well.IMG_6900

Putting them night-night…IMG_6906

Hex Bugs in the cup…IMG_6981

Sharing Hex Bugs with Pop Pop {my husband’s Dad}IMG_6986

This phone was in our thrift store pile and wouldn’t you know, she dug it out and has played with it every day!IMG_6937

We got new Ikea shelves {photos soon}, Ladybug got the box…IMG_6960IMG_6970

Learning time with Pop Pop, she was showing him her shapes/color skills with the puzzle and her vocabulary skills with the flashcards

IMG_7004 IMG_7009

Techy-Tot_thumb2_thumbWe continue to try out new iPad games, especially ones with free lite versions! This is a simple counting 1-10 app with a Montessori style…!IMG_6849


My little bookworm, curled up in her bean bag reading to herself—a daily occurrence!IMG_6833


Wild fun with Daddy…

IMG_7018 IMG_7022