Tot School ~ Letter Jj

~Ladybug is currently 25 months old~

 See Part 2 of Letter J here!


Tot School Printables J is for Jellyfish

Letter: Jj

Object: Jellyfish

Vocabulary Development Theme: Ocean Animals

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Ladybug’s coloring skills have improved dramatically! I am honestly amazed with her fine motor skills.  She chose to color a LOT this week!!!  She wanted to color her shapes this week, so that’s what we did!  I colored some, she colored some-that’s how she likes it!IMG_5908

This purple jellyfish, however, she colored completely on her own.IMG_6151

I cannot believe she did this, neither of my boys colored like this at her age.  She spent a good 30 minutes coloring this!IMG_6164

More coloring…IMG_5732IMG_5734

She did want me to color her jellyfish color cards, then I put them in our mini pocket chart for her to point out the color I called out.IMG_5742

We did shadow matching in the pocket chart too…IMG_5846

Counting too…IMG_5856

I have created a new section on my website entitled Montessori Printables, I am posting printables there that are created in a Montessori fashion.  I am slowly transferring the Tot School Printables vocabulary cards into Match-Up/Memory Boards like this…

IMG_5869Yes-the whale is in the wrong place ;-), she fixed it!

This week I printed the page with the words and left it whole to use to match onto, she however, just wanted to color the animals!IMG_5899

You can see the Free Montessori Printables I have available, each set has an instruction sheet also to help you with how to use them.

Letter Jj printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter J

Since we were having some ocean fun I brought out a few printables from my Nemo Tot Book and my Ocean Tot Book.


She especially enjoyed coloring the ocean animals.  We did this over a 2 day period. IMG_5858

The second day she caught on and was telling me which color she needed next!IMG_6172

Tot Books & Packs




I tried to think with an ocean theme for her Tot Trays this week.  I gave her “sea anemones” to spoon {a melon baller spoon} into the correct colored cups.IMG_5723

She LOVED this and did it several times this week!IMG_5727


I got out our tiny fish erasers {Oriental Trading} and a paint tray for her to tweeze them into {this particular pair came from a science kit we have, but similar tweezers are here}.  She did this a few times, but definitely preferred the spikey balls!IMG_6092




We had a few days of play dough fun.  Pressing her letters in…IMG_5920

We even cut play dough snakes this week!IMG_5927

Here she was using the little play dough stamps from our Grasshopper Preschool Prep KitIMG_5932



Techy-Tot_thumb2The iPad continues to get a daily workout!! Ladybug LOVES it!  Here she was playing Toca Doctor-a BIG favorite with all 3 of my kids!IMG_5875

She has many more favorites, I am working on a post to share educational apps we love!



She read a LOT this week, struggling a bit with a cat who likes to lay on her books when she reads!IMG_5842





Tot School ~ Letter Ii

~Ladybug is currently 25 months old~



Tot School Printables I is for Igloo

Letter: Ii

Object: Igloo

Vocabulary Development Theme: Cold Weather

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

 I didn’t go all out with the theme this week, mostly because I am in wind-down mode with the boys and not feeling very motivate to plan school stuff.  I did have all of her printables prepared though and she was very happy about that!




Dot painting the shapes, you can download letter Ii here {past letters are in past blog posts}IMG_5299Gluing shapes…IMG_5304

She enjoyed putting her vocabulary cards and her color cards into the slot I cut out on top of the can…

IMG_5598  IMG_5602


Letter Ii printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter I



I am enjoying setting up her Tot Trays, I look forward to the fall when I am back in school-mode in my brain!  She is SO into things and I am winding down for a break, but am excited for fall when we do more and more!

I set up an empty container {it is from the Happy Baby frozen cube food} and some beads to sort from our pop bead set.IMG_5245



Finally got the tweezers out for her {this particular pair came from a science kit we have, but similar tweezers are here} and it was perfect timing, she LOVED it!!!!IMG_5256


I gave her 5 stacking cups and 5 matching pom poms to tweeze into the same colored cup.  I can’t even count how many times she did this throughout the week.  BIG HIT!IMG_5264


We got a new Guidecraft toy to review…IMG_5697

I love her face in this one as she was showing me her completed work!IMG_5704



This cookie game was a BIG HIT all week, we played it again and again!IMG_5275


Another popular toy-this # puzzle, which was a hand me down-no clue where it is from!IMG_5248IMG_5279


Stamping her name



Cutting!  Oh does she like cutting!  Krash loved it too, Pac hated it.  I really think these scissors are the BEST for young tots!  Krash used these too, Pac did not.IMG_5314


We enjoyed some block play with our rainbow blocks


and our colored bead blocksIMG_5386


Finally I remembered to let her play with our Automoblox.  They had gotten stored away and forgotten.  All 3 kids loved having them back out again!IMG_5710



Techy TotWe finally got our new iPad 2 after being on a 5 week waiting list.  I had several gift cards so had to wait to get it from BB.  Finally we got it and to say she likes it is a total understatement!  I got it mostly for school use, and already it has gotten a workout!  I have a whole post about our new favorite apps coming soon!!





We had a hot week and enjoyed our water table a lot!

IMG_5493   IMG_5412

I also set up our old baby bath tub as another water play area…

IMG_5440   IMG_5423

One day, she decided to get right in, tennis shoes and all.IMG_5625


Love her sense of fashion.IMG_5475Sweet cheeks.IMG_5637

Miss sweet cheeks has also decided to potty train herself this past week and is now in panties all day long.  Just a tad bit different than my experience with the boys!  I am SO thankful!!!


Tot School ~ Letter Hh

~Ladybug is currently 24.5 months old~


Tot School Printables H is for Hammer

Letter: Hh

Object: Hammer

Vocabulary Development Theme: Tools {Handy Manny}

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Why, oh why did it take me so long to buy a cookie sheet for school?  I meant to buy one when Krash was a tot and never remembered.  Finally I remembered while at Target, and it is awesome!  It amazes me how something so simple can engage a child so much!

We used our puff ball magnets {just take a pom pom and hot glue a magnet to it} to work with our printables…IMG_3695


She even did the lacing card with magnets this week and really enjoyed putting them on the tiny circles.IMG_3716

LOTS of number work was done, like I said-AMAZING how a simple tool can change the entire activity!IMG_3722


I created a new add-on for Tot School printables…dot paint shape pictures!  She loved this!!!  I am still finding a place to host my add-ons for Tot School printables, for now download the first few here!IMG_3811

We keep our magnets in a baby food jar and this is great work for her to dump, put them back, and screw the lid on and off!IMG_3829

I put velcro strips on the side of a drawer set and put her review flashcards up!  She has played with them a lot since I did this!

IMG_4074  IMG_4076



We used our homemade play dough to make letters again, this time we used our wooden letters to stamp into the play dough, and put jewels in the dough.IMG_4319

She finger printed the dough again…IMG_4326

Then she added jewels to the letters…IMG_4333

She colored most of her hammers this week on her own!IMG_4094


She did a lot of dot painting again, this time after she had used the magnets and the cookie sheet.  It was great to use the printables more than once but in different ways!

IMG_4100  IMG_4105

Tracing was a big hit too and she traced on the lines a lot!!!IMG_4110

She really got into the erasing this week too!IMG_4113

Letter Hh printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter H



We got out our Handy Manny Tot Book and I was shocked with how MUCH Ladybug liked it!!IMG_4086



Krash saw her working and wanted his own Handy Manny stuff.  I pulled out his Tot Book, which he made when he was about 2 1/2.  He couldn’t believe he didn’t color the entire thing and proceeded to color it all!IMG_4154


Krash used to be a big Handy Manny fan so we have his old toys and Ladybug is now in LOVE!  She really enjoyed watching Handy Manny with his tools sitting beside her!IMG_4160


She loved finding the tools that matched the book she was coloring!IMG_4173



Tot Trays

I finally got my shelves reorganized our shelves to get her started on Tot Trays! I only have room for 2 right now, but we have another trip to Ikea on the agenda so I can add another tall shelf and use the bottom rows for Tot Trays on the 2 units, using the bins for storage at the top.

For those of you wondering what the difference between our Tot Trays and our Learning Toys…the trays are activities I set up with specific thought in mind {think Montessori}.  The learning toys we use are usually spontaneous activities that occurred with other toys we had out and about during the week.

This week I set up Stacking Pegs and we worked together a LOT on the words push and pull.  She also gets very frustrated when she pushes too hard and they fall out, so we worked on dealing with dramatic moments!IMG_3673


Later in the week she began stacking tall towers on her own!

IMG_4353IMG_4356  IMG_4359


She also worked a lot with Guidecraft’s Fraction Cups.  I started her with just the whole and the halves, modeling them for her while saying the names of the fractions.IMG_4065

Once she mastered the whole and halves, I added in the thirds.  There is one with fourths but she isn’t quite ready for that one yet-the pieces are too similar to the thirds.IMG_4341




She spontaneously sorted the balls from our ball pit, into our colored hats!  Then I heard her counting them!!!!IMG_3664

Ladybug is a master color sorter!!!  She sorted Zoobs while Krash and I were building a car!IMG_3791

Enjoying some toys outside on a warm day, the gears toy always keeps her busy for awhile!IMG_4195

She finished coloring before Krash one day so I gave her the container to put her markers into the small holes. She did this about 5 times!IMG_4175



tub-of-fun_thumb2I set up a tool sensory bin for her, mostly toy tools, with a few of Daddy’s safe tools in it too, she loved it! IMG_3687


She was very excited to find matching Handy Manny tools and was telling me “two tools”IMG_3693




We have enjoyed beautiful weather this week and spent lots of time outside.I still try to work with Ladybug as much as I can on her gross motor skills because of her delays.  She climbs a lot outside and often gets nervous but I love watching her try!

IMG_4235    IMG_4229

One of her favorite gross motor activities is walking up the roller coaster track and “running” down.  I hold her hands lightly and let her muscles climb her up the hill and she works on balance when she runs down.IMG_4278

Moms Favorite

Krash turned 5 this past week and we had his party yesterday.  Ladybug was enthralled with the balloons!!!!

IMG_4728   IMG_4720


Tot School ~ Letter Gg

~Ladybug is currently 24.5 months old~


Tot School Printables G is for Goat

Letter: Gg

Object: Goat

Vocabulary Development Theme: Farm

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I set up a farm theme-corner in our schoolroom and she was immediately drawn to it and began exploring. These are toys she has had access to in her room, but just simply moving them and displaying them differently really drew her in.IMG_3165

She really liked this simple book!IMG_3167

We played in our theme corner a lot, with all 3 kiddos. One day we got out the vocabulary cards and did some matching…IMG_3396


She did a lot more coloring this week and enjoyed using markers.IMG_3240

I printed some extra Gg/goat printables from other sites, we got this goat page from DLTK here {B&W 2 under goat}.IMG_3245

We used our homemade play dough to make letters again, she loves this! After I helped her make the letters we got in some fine motor muscle work by making fingerprints around the letters. She got really into this.


We also used our wooden letters to stamp into the play dough…IMG_3192

I colored most of the goats this week, but she did enjoy matching the cubes as we said the colors!IMG_3183 IMG_3541

She actually did the shadow matching this week!!IMG_3243

She did a lot of dot painting again, the page below that is not from my site is from MLF here.

IMG_3173 IMG_3537


She hasn’t been enjoying the number cards so I had to get creative to engage her, I brought them out during our sensory bin time. We used the beans to count 1-5IMG_3406

Then I had her drive Mater {a tiny game piece she loves} while counting with me…stopping on each number to work on 1:1 correspondence.IMG_3413

Finally, we added in some animals from the bin to match up 1:1 and then remove as we counted 1-5.IMG_3416

The shapes were the same story, they just weren’t appealing to her. This week I saw a blog using Tot School Printables and she had an awesome idea to cut the shapes out. Ladybug loves scissors, even when it is just watching me cut! I cut them out in front of her and we talked about them, then I helped her use a glue stick to stick it on a purple paper-she LOVED this!IMG_3252

She actually thought stamping letters was fun this week!!! This was a first-normally she shuts the container and tells me NO!IMG_3544

Tracing was a big hit too and she actually traced on the lines a lot!!!IMG_3557

One of my favorite moments of the week was when I saw here admiring her work! I love seeing the joy in a child’s face when they see what they did proudly displayed for all to see! She was all giddy and ran over to me right after this and we talked about her work!IMG_3497

Letter Gg printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter G




We enjoy our play dough a lot now that it is SO much better {homemade}. We used our jewels this week and she loved pushing them into the play dough and then taking them back out again.IMG_3186

I also hid them in the dough for her and she loved opening it to find them!IMG_3273IMG_3276IMG_3278

We had several farm puzzles out, she did them many times, here was the only photo I had of her with her farm puzzles!IMG_3202

tub of funI set up a farm sensory bin for her, very simple-but she loved it!


Techy Tot

She watched a few PowerPoint shows this week, her favorites being: Colors, & Shapes.

IMG_3571 IMG_3569


Ladybug is my Target shopping pal. We get certain groceries at Target and she and I do that together. She is SO well behaved and I love this time with her. Problem with being so well behaved and sweet-mommy is easily suckered into buying cute things for her. She saw the balls and went nuts-in a cute way. She is always fine when I don’t buy things-which is most of the time, but this week I just had to say yes! The boys begged their entire young lives for a ball pit but we never gave in. I finally did and she LOVES it-so do the boys!!!



Tot School ~ Letter Ff

~Ladybug is currently 24.5 months old~



Tot School Printables F is for Foot

Letter: Ff

Object: Foot

Vocabulary Development Theme: Body Parts

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Best thing we did all week…

IMG_2958 IMG_2961

We used our vocabulary cards, a  baby doll, and each other to work with Ladybug on labeling body parts!IMG_2963



She also had fun putting the cards into an empty tissue box as we were naming them…IMG_3124


We used our homemade play dough to make letters again, she liked this a lot!IMG_2981


My shock of the week, the girl actually attempted to write the letter F on her sheet!  Did a pretty good job too!IMG_2917


We worked on lacing together, she helped me do it…IMG_3102


She actually did the shadow matching this week!!IMG_2932


She did a lot of dot painting again,

IMG_2972  IMG_2976



We colored the feet together and she really enjoyed playing with them and lining the, up this week!  I personally do not like feet much, she is thrilled with the feet however.IMG_2924

We worked with our review flashcards  {you can download the first set here}, this week matching them up to our foam letters!IMG_3016

Letter Ff printables here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter F


We enjoy our play dough a lot now that it is SO much better {homemade}.  I made a snake for Ladybug, and she poked holes in it!IMG_2984

Then we got out our little dough stampers from our Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit and had a blast.  Ladybug enjoyed the top of the dot paint marker making circles also!IMG_2992

Even Krash joined us for a while when he saw what we were doing!IMG_2996

These came out a few times this week!IMG_3115

Our jewels are a popular item in our home.  The most recent fun has been using the jewels along with our tea setsIMG_2999

She LOVES our ABC mat, and asks for it often.  She is beginning to match up the bean bag {ours are homemade, here is a set on Amazon} letters and enjoys it!IMG_3024

She loves playing with Boggle JrIMG_3085

Working on her Animal Puzzle book…IMG_3129

I LOVE giant balls from Target.  She picked out a purple one and we have had so much fun with it.

IMG_3087 IMG_3090 IMG_3091




Ladybug is now an almost daily participant in our Calendar time.  She is an absolute riot.  Her favorite part is singing our names and running the length of the schoolroom when her name is called.  Look how giddy she is…IMG_2949

She can also “read” each of our names and hand out the cards appropriately when I call them.  She is our official card hander-outer.IMG_2952

Tons of reading as usual, of course in the bean bag!IMG_3153

Moms Favorite

IMG_2848  IMG_2853