Tot School

Yesterday, P and I got into a conversation about my youngest, K, going to preschool. I told him we will be keeping K at home and we will homeschool him for preschool. Long story short…P informed me that K is already in school and it indeed does have a name…”Tot School.” I laughed and decided I like that name, so I have one in 1st grade and one in Tot School!

Here’s what our Tot School tends to look like…

This morning, K brought me the play doh and said “ball” meaning he wanted me to make balls out of the play doh for him…we did and played for awhile, working on colors, shapes and most of all…fun.
Tons of reading, thankfully K loves books, we also love the LeapFrog LittleTouch LeapPad Learning SystemLots of block building, and play with our Melissa and Doug ToysAnd he already loves the computer, his favorite “game” is KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE JumpStart Advanced Toddlers (Windows/Macintosh) Sing a Long Songs (it’s one of the disks in that set). He climbs up on the desk and says “puter pees (computer please)” until we start it up! The boys “play” lots of games together, K just loves exploring big brother’s games and P likes having someone interested in “playing” with him! Here they’re playing Cranium Balloon Lagoon, one of our new family favorites!And, of course, art! (when I have the patience to deal with the “I’m all done,” after it took me 10 minutes to get all ready and he’s painted for less than a minute!) Anyone else have that problem? But, I know it’s good for him , so we do it as much as I can handle :). He’s got the papi in so he doesn’t eat the paint!!!This is just a small sampling, as K slowly joins our school life more and more each day. I will be honest, it is HARD having an almost 2 yr old and an almost 6 yr old. K is very loud and rambunctious, but also sweet and funny. He makes homeschooling interesting, as I’m sure all of you with toddlers know what I mean! My stress level hits peaks, but then comes back down as I learn to remind myself what a blessing it is to have them both at home. I truly love homeschooling, both of them. I pray for God to give me the patience I need day in and day out to be the best teacher and mother I can be to them.

Sponsoring with Compassion

As my regular readers know, there have been bloggers in Uganda recently seeing firsthand the work of Compassion. Today on Shaun Groves’ blog he asked readers to tell their story of sponsorship through Compassion. Recently I spent a lot of time telling about World Vision through the lapbook we made with my son for his sponsored child, Albert. Now I would like to share a bit about my precious sponsored child, Christine. I sponsor Christine through Compassion and have sponsored her for many years now.

I learned about Compassion at a Watermark concert at my church, in my early days of being a Christian. I grabbed her photo off of a table and took her home with me. Her recent photo is always hanging on my fridge, we pray for her nightly.I write to her often and send photos of our family. Christine will be 14 this April, I actually just sent her bday gift $$ in the other day! Christine writes to me a few times a year and although the letters aren’t often very personal (I know it’s tough crossing language and cultural barriers) I feel close to her. My favorite letters are the ones when she tells me how she spent her birthday or Christmas money…I remember one telling me she bought a goat, a pretty dress, and a sweet Pepsi! It brought such joy to my heart to know that needs and wants were being met for this precious young lady.

My dream is to visit Rwanda where Christine lives with her Aunt. I want to take my son with me so he can meet his sponsored child, Albert (who is the same age as him). We are currently full time missionaries in inner-city America and I hope to be able to raise the funds needed to travel to visit our sponsored children in Africa one day! The Lord will provide, who knows, maybe He’ll even lead our missionary work there one day!

For now I look at her sweet photo, send my money, write to her, look for her letters, and most importantly lift her up in prayer. As I read the blogs of the group in Uganda last week I just imagined what it will be like one day when hopefully I will be able to see her face to face.

Do you sponsor a child? If not, be sure to visit Compassion’s website to see the many faces of sweet children who need sponsors. Also, visit Shaun’s blog to read other Compassion sponsorship stories, or tell your own if you’re a Compassion sponsor!

Did you know?

Learn more about sponsoring a child.

There’s something big going on in the blogging world? Compassion has taken 16 Christian bloggers to Uganda, Africa to see up close the work they do there. All 16 are blogging frequently about their experience, they just got there yesterday, here’s the link to the all 16 of them on Compassion’s page.

Here’s a few of the actual blogs I am following…
Rocks In My Dryer

This is a great opportunity to see Compassion’s work up close and personal, they will be there for the next week. Here is the link to the posts about the lapbook we did for you to use when you wipe your tears away and click one of their sponsor a child buttons. Seriously, be prepared to be moved, they’ve only been blogging for one day and the few blogs I am reading already are amazing.

Connecting Online…

The whole reason I began this blog was to make connections with other homeschooling parents. To give and share, to grow and learn…all to become a better mom and homeschool teacher! It has been such a blessing, both to give and receive through this online journey. Tonight as I was checking my bloglines, I found out that Heather from Being Mrs. Momma gave me this…

It means a lot because it lets me know that connections have been made. So, as a way to say thanks to some of you who have inspired me, here’s who I am giving the award to! Don’t feel obligated to play along, I know some of you don’t *do* these types of things, but in case you check in and find your name, it’s my way of saying thanks! These are mostly homeschooling blogs, but also a few that aren’t!

Little Blots of Faith
Walking by the Way

One Little, Two Little
and a blog I just started reading, Smooth Stones Academy
Here are the rules for passing it on…By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people who’s blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such great friends! You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded…

Weather ~ Lapbook

We finished our lapbook on weather awhile ago, I am just getting around to the final photo/link post! I never did get a photo of the back, but it is a simple weekly weather recording chart where he filled in the weather each day for a week.

Here is the inside of the lapbook…
Top Left: How Big is the Sun? {under Astronomy, sample}
Bottom Left: a thermometer from his Calvert K science kit
Top Middle: How to Stay Safe in a Thunderstorm, I made a simple form. We used the book, Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll as our inspiration for this part.
Middle: Weather Labeling {members section}
Bottom Middle: Clouds {members section}
Top Right: The Sun, a mini book I made
Middle Right: weather words he learned accordian fold
Bottom Right: Snowflakes mini book {members section} This is the first lapbook we have done that has sort of fizzled…you know? We both lost interest as we went along. I think because it was in the midst during the holidays and then drug out past vacation and such. It just took us too long, we’re both glad it’s done! He did learn a lot though, I just should have been a more interesting teacher with this one!