Raising Rock Stars ~ The Pumpkin Patch Parable

Bible Focus…The Pumpkin Patch Parable

We had fun talking about Halloween again, and what it means for our family as Christians. I made the boys a coloring book based on the book, The Pumpkin Patch Parable, to help illustrate the meaning of the story for them.

First, Daddy read them the book (Ladybug was napping)…
Then we headed to the table where I told them the story again using the coloring pages I created for them. We all colored them together as we talked all about the meaning. Even my Dad joined us!

I also had Pac Man make a Memory Cross to illustrate the story, he did a great job!
It was a fun night, and we are all looking forward to bringing the lesson we learned to life when we select and carve our REAL pumpkins this week!

Weekly Bible Verse…
Songs for Saplings ~ Ee
We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week:


Tot School ~ Life School

~Krash is currently 41.5 months old~

To say it was an off week would be an understatement! I had planned on having a normal week of school but decided by Tuesday to take a week off. One of our *children in Christ* got married yesterday. This is a young man who we met over 5 years ago while he was still in college. He grew up in the neighborhood we serve and soon after moving here he became a part of our family. My husband was the best man in the wedding and we did a lot to help prepare and to love on them during this time. It was a joyous occasion, and also one that took us completely out of normal routine last week during the final push to wedding day! So, Tot school went on hold, but Life School was in full force!

Theme ~ Dinosaurs!

We did have one day and just 2 pictures of actual Tot School, from our Dino Stuff!

Here K is matching up the dinos to the ABCs. This activity is for the episode called “One Smart Dinosaur” where the conductor sings the dinosaur ABCS. I copied the entire song and made little cards to go with it, both boys love it!Here he is working on 1-10, and also patterning…
Life School…

Nanee sent the boys an ant farm (oooh goody ~ I hate ants)

Krash has a chore he loves (and I love it too), he takes the cloth diapers off the clothesline for me now!

Camping in the basement..

Krash, Krashing….and loving it!

Sharing with brother… (oooh my heart is melting, so glad I caught this on camera for proof!)

Mommy’s Favorite…

A little taxi service with the Plasma Car! (don’t forget to enter to win one! Winner will be chosen later tonight!)


Dinosaur Tot Pack

It’s done! I have been working on this Tot Pack for a long time now, trying to make tons of fun stuff for Krash! We are in the middle of using the pack right now, so you’ll be seeing more of the dino theme in the next couple of Tot School posts! We are having SO much fun!


Raising Rock Stars ~ Halloween

Bible Focus…Sharing God’s Love on Halloween

We took a break from our weekly Bible stories to spend some time talking about Halloween and what it means for us as Christians. In the neighborhood where we live and serve as missionaries, the scary part of Halloween is everywhere. People decorate like crazy and there is no avoiding it. We feel it is important to not just ignore this holiday but to find a way how we as believers can share the light of Christ on this day that is often focused on the evil and darkness of the world.

We personally allow our children to dress up and have fun on Halloween, usually spending the evening at our church for the fun party! Our house is all decked out in fun fall stuff and also TONS of Jack O Lanterns. (The Jack O Lantern-God takes all of our yuckies out and puts His light in us– lesson is on the agenda for next week!)

We began by reading the book, Let’s Shine Jesus’ Light On Halloween, which is filled with Bible verses that we really focused on.

We then came to the table where the boys each made their own “Christian Pumpkin.”

First they colored them orange…

Then we cut them out and glued the poem on the back…

Finally we added the symbols to the pumpkin, and talked about what they mean…

Here’s our finished Christian Pumpkins…
Krash was SO very proud of his, it was the sweetest thing. At one point he said, “I got to make mine all pretty like Pac Man’s.” He colored forever to get it all orange!

Weekly Bible Verse…
Songs for Saplings ~ Dd
We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week:

**If you’re looking for more info about how to handle Halloween, head over here to read Hallow-What…a great collection from many ladies!

Tot School ~ Dinosaur Week!

~Krash is currently 41 months old~
** links to all toys and books are at the bottom of the post

Learning Toys…

We were sent this awesome toy(Guidecraft Shape Sorter) for review (and upcoming giveaway) and Krash loves it!!! It’s an awesome Tot School tool!

He still loves his sound puzzles, even though they are way too easy for him now! (in the Amazon carousel below I added one that is similar to ours, as I couldn’t find our exact puzzle)

He always loves when the eggs and spoons come out. We have so much fun with these when we play with them!

A little bit of lacing fun…


I have been planning our dino theme for awhile now in honor of our new favorite show, Dinosaur Train. Both boys LOVE it, so it was time to learn a bit more! K was thrilled to see brand new dinosaur puppets on his trays when he came down for Tot School last Monday morning! My mom got them for him at Costco (recently), just for dino week! We also read a Creation book to talk about how God made dinosaurs. We discussed which day God made them, and talked about this more and more throughout the week.

I got him a dino coloring book from the Dollar Tree, he thought that was cool too 😉

Of course we had tons of cool dino books, his favorites form the week are below in the Amazon carousel. Here he is reading his absolute favorite, Dinosaur, Dinosaur. He loved this book!

He also loved this stereo book (also from Costco recently). The written facts are off in the book (as most are in dino books), but we didn’t read those words ;). He loved pushing the numbers to hear sounds, and we learned the names of all of the dinos. It is a book more for older kids (on one page there’s a dino eating a dead dino), but Krash is into stuff like that so he liked it a lot!

Of course I made him a dinosaur Tot Pack, which will be available for you soon ;), he loved these color matching cards…

We put the colors in a row like a train, he had to find the right “seat” for each character. Then he got his own seat (Ladybug’s Bumbo), and hopped on the train!

He loved spelling his name…

We worked on size sequencing, and 1:1 counting as he fed each dino a pom pom ball 😉

A little Heads n Tails matching (they were hungry too)

He loved the dino felt set/book my mom also got for him!!!

Fall Fun!!

We love talking about Jesus being the light inside of us during the month of October. Therefore we have tons of Jack O Lanterns around. We focus entirely on the idea of God scooping out our yuckies and putting His light inside of us to glow for the world to see. We played a few games with one of our pumpkins…

We had fun talking about body parts as we stuffed pom poms in his face!!!

Life School/Mommy’s Favorites 😉

I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, so all of his life school pics are my favs this week! They were just all so sweet and bring back great memories from the week! Here Pac Man was reading to Ladybug and K walked up to join in. What a precious sight to a momma, huh?!

As if the above wasn’t sweet enough, here he’s reading the Bible to Ladybug…
you know, upside down. My kid is a genius, yes he is.

Below are shots from my fun day alone with Krash, I played and played with my sweet boy. No housework, no computer, no interruptions…just me, my little guy, and a few people…
yup, just a few 😉