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I am gathering a wide collection of free printables within certain themes. In order to better organize these online, I have created theme blog posts for the themes I have created many printables for!  Links to these pages in the top navigational bar labeled “Theme Printables” so you can jump to them easily.


In this post, I will direct you to the page where the file is hosted on my website or blog, since they are in various places! I hope this helps you find things within themes! I will try to gather anything I have done, created, or posted about surrounding this theme. Slowly I am adding more blog posts like this to help you find everything for the major themes we have done and will do.

Angry Birds Kindergarten Printables


Angry Birds Clip & Learn Wheel

Clip and Learn Angry Birds Counting

Angry Birds 100s Chart Coloring

Angry Birds 100 Chart Coloring

Angry Birds Sensory & Imagination Bin


Angry Birds Toys…


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Kindergarten w/Krash ~ RRSK/Kk, YCR/Unit 17, Angry Birds


You Can Read: Unit 17 {too, they, must, on}

RRSK: Letter Kk

Theme: Angry Birds

Something New…

Krash has become a tad bit bitter about his Workboxes, so I decided to switch things up for him.  We have switched to a notebook type system and so far he loves it!  He has 3 notebooks,  the 3 notebooks are:

  1. Current Theme {Angry Birds right now}
  2. You Can Read/RRSK {there is a divider in the middle, but I decided to share these 2 programs}
  3. Morning Message

Here he was working during his independent time, coloring his sight words.  I gave him choices as he browsed through his 2 notebooks filled with his weekly work.  I directed him to things that could be done independently and had him choose.IMG_0271

In the You Can Read section, I created a little photo collage of all of the Word Play options he can choose from.  He loved this, and this is where he saw the ping pong balls in the cups idea and chose it {details below}IMG_0251

This is his new Morning Message notebook.  I write him a daily message and we read it together and use it to focus on different skills.  Here he was using a highlighter to find all of the words he could read on his own!IMG_0249

It is a simple lined page I created in Publisher.  I added images to pages featuring many of his favorite characters!


You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We have backed off from doing all 10 of the provided activities in the RRSK units.  As he progresses, some items aren’t necessary anymore and either we skip them or go through them quickly.  My main goal in using the RRSK lessons is the Bible work and simple review of other K skills.

He always traces his verse on Day 1…IMG_0066

Putting his verse together on day 2, you can see him practicing the song!IMG_0135


Here is Krash singing letter K for you, the tune is “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.”  The printable written out the way you sing it is here!

RRSK Letter Kk Printables Here!

If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about, you can see info about purchasing here!  Currently I have units Aa-Pp available in the early access section.


We used unit 17 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did. 

Tracing with his highlighter…IMG_0069

Finding words in sentences…IMG_0498

Using pom pom magnets {hot glue magnets to pom poms} to find his words…IMG_0634

Adding to our sight word caterpillarIMG_0250

Review BINGO {YCR add-on}IMG_0318



We saw a new word play game and Krash chose it from the sheet I printed in his notebook.  First Pac quizzed him on his sight words, we make stacks of words he reads quickly and words he doesn’t know as well. IMG_0256

I wrote all of the trouble words on little sticky notes and attached them to plastic cups.  He set up the Angry Birds all around the area.IMG_0258

First, he launched the Angry Birds into the cups, but this was hard.  IMG_0262

I convinced him to switch to ping pong ball rolling.  IMG_0266

He had to read the word on the cup when the ball landed in it.  If he was correct he kept it.  He also had to re-read all of the words he had already collected!

IMG_0267 IMG_0269

Check out Word Play ideas here, and add yours!

We began reviewing All About Reading Level 1 awhile ago, and Krash continues to make consistent progress.  You can read more about why we are choosing to review this homeschool reading program here in our “Current Curriculum” post {see FAQ}.

I wrote a lot about our initial thoughts and experiences with AAR in this Kindergarten with Krash post.

We are still moving along in AAR, here he was working with me, and the cat.  On the bottom right you can see how I help focus him while he reads from his fluency practice paper.  

IMG_0151  IMG_0153IMG_0158  IMG_0159


We are starting back up with fun themes, Krash chose Angry Birds first!  We began by gathering every Angry Bird item we had.  Thankfully they got tons for Christmas from the grandparents so we had a wonderful assortment to play with!  We made an Angry Birds Sensory/Imagination Bin, which included all of our toys…IMG_0482

Krash had fun exploring, one day I saw him line up the pigs by size…IMG_0186

He and Ladybug played with the Knock on Wood game pieces a lot…IMG_0190

Of course this had to happen…IMG_0315


He loved his Angry Birds notebook, which was filled with all of his Angry Birds Kindergarten Printables.  He chose what he wanted to do each day.  The very first day, he colored a coloring page  I found online and sipped it into the cover.

Dot painting fractions…IMG_0286

We used the Angry Birds we created with our number line.  The bigger ones would cover up groups of 2-3 numbers and he loved the challenge!IMG_0303

Using game pieces to find words that rhyme with pig…IMG_0309

Dot painting sight words he can read…IMG_0289

We found the Angry Birds Math worksheet here.  He loved this…

IMG_0412  IMG_0419

Matching and identifying coins and their values…


More and Less…IMG_0241

See my Angry Birds board on Pinterest


K-with-Krash-Misc_thumb_thumb_thumb_[1] Krash was a big fan of the water beads, just like Ladybug was!

IMG_0431  IMG_0466

He enjoyed the Busy Hands Play Dough box combined with our winter sensory binIMG_0076



iPad learning fun. He graduated from Teach Me Kindergarten to Teach Me First Grade!  He was SO excited to buy 1st grade!  I LOVE the new level, for .99 this app is amazing!Teach Me 1st Grade App

I get asked a lot about our new case-it’s the Trident Kraken II and yes we love it! Educational iPad Apps here, also, iPad Apps-part 2!  The stylus he is using is this one.

Krash was my Instagram star of the week!  As I looked back through our photos I noticed that there were tons of my little guy!  A few of these moments were not captured with the good camera for the blog, so I thought I would share them too since most of you aren’t on Instagram with me!

Watching his new favorite show, Octonauts…

IMG_0075-2 IMG_0074 

Working in his Morning Message Notebooks, and coloring Angry Birds…

IMG_0102 IMG_0103

Gymnastics fun!  He goes once a week and absolutely loves it!


Working on a Skylanders shopping list for school, and playing Connect 4 Launchers with me!

image image

Watching Angry Birds on YouTube, playing Teach Me 1st Grade while Pac cheers him on!

image image

A few items we used…

Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!

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Angry Birds Sensory & Imagination Bin

Krash thinks in terms of sensory bins when it comes to our themes.  He asked for an Angry Birds sensory bin, which really just combined all of our Angry Birds toys together for creative play!


We dumped the pieces from our Angry Birds game in the bin, and our stuffed friends were close by too!

I added ping pong balls, to represent the eggs from the game, and also red jewels at K’s request!  IMG_0487

If you don’t own any Angry Birds toys {we do thanks to Christmas and grandparents!}, you can make some!  We printed these and the kids LOVED them!IMG_0490

My kids LOVED this bin and they all played in it somehow every single day!

IMG_0186  IMG_0190

We even added cups to knock down!IMG_0315

More Angry Birds Fun…

If you haven’t read the Montessori Minute post about sensory play, be sure to read that to see why these bins are so wonderful for kids!  See a Behind the Scenes look at Sensory Bin play with videos here!

Use this button to jump to all of my Sensory Bin posts anytimeimage_thumb1

Angry Birds 100 Chart Coloring

One of my favorite blogs lately is Lil’ Country Kindergarten.  Marlana creates some neat printables!

Lil' Country Kindergarten


Recently she posted some Hundred Chart Art printables and it brought back memories of doing these with my Kindergarten class when I taught.  She has shared so many awesome freebies, I am so thankful.  Be sure to check out her site for: butterfly, pumpkin, turkey, & chick in this post, and groundhog, Cat in the Hat, Leprechaun, bunny, 100, Abe Lincoln, & George Washington in this post.

Since we were in the middle of Angry Birds week, I decided to give it a go and make an Angry Bird version.  You can download it here!  I left space on the webpage for more, in case I decide to create more in the future!Angry Birds 100 Chart Coloring

Here is Krash’s finished Red Bird, he was so excited!  We added googly eyes to his {his request}.



Angry Birds Kindergarten Printables

We love Angry Birds around here, so I thought I would put together some Kindergarten work for Krash based on his beloved birds. 

Here’s what is included in the free Angry Birds pack…



Using a number line…



Greater than and less than, using the alligator mouth as a visual aid.Slide4


Naming coins…


Basic Fractions…




Matching descriptive sentences…



Easy reader with color word emphasis…



Rhyming Words…Slide14


Color By Word…Slide15


Sight Words…Slide16


Numbers 1-30…Slide17


Download your FREE Angry Birds printables here on our Kindergarten Printables webpage.  Scroll down and look for this graphic to find the download link!