The School Room, part 2

I got a few questions from readers, wanting to know more about my schoolroom! So, for those of you who like to know details (I’m one of those too) here they are…

In my 3 drawer carts (from Target) labeled and stored inside you’ll find:
Construction paper
Drawing Paper
Play Doh
Foam Stickers and Shapes
Misc. Craft supplies (pipe cleaners, pom poms and such)
Crayola Color Wonder
Coloring Books
Blocks (mini set)
Activity Books (like mazes, dot to dot, write on/wipe off, etc)
Lapbooks (completed ones so he can go back and look at them)
and a few with my daily school stuff inside. Some aren’t “finished” yet as I figure out the rearrangement!

In my blue bins(from Ikea) on my shelves (you can’t see them really well in these photos), I keep most of the supplies that I need to help him with (tempera paint, finger paint, bigger craft, glue guns, etc.)

I also got asked what is above the computer on the green wall, it is a silver board that has plastic cups on it which hold things. I couldn’t find it anywhere online, here’s a close up cropped out of an old photo from when we first set the schoolroom up last year.

If you have an Ikea near you, get one(or 2 or 3)…I love it and it’s pretty cheap!! They are located in the home office section, you have to buy the board, the brackets to mount it, and the plastic holders separately. In the one on the green wall, I have pens, paintbrushes, Sharpies, sentence strips, reward stickers, stampers, and other “teacher” things. In the one that is lower on the other wall, above the drawers(pictured above), I keep things (also labeled) for P to get himself…pencils, markers, colored pencils, ruler, glue sticks, scissors, sharpeners, small notepads, Elmer’s paint pens (which are great if you don’t have them), etc.

On the top of the 3 drawer carts I try to keep new activities for K (and P) to do. They are currently located in the little blue and red cylinder shaped bins you see in the photo). I draw from a Montessori inspiration for this small area (I did a Montessori internship but never went through with the training). Currently we have a water bottle with a small hole on top and tons of straws for K to practice putting into the water bottle. In the other bin we have some wooden sorting shapes/cards. I try to switch these out when they lose interest. I am not as “on top of this” area as I would like to be though!

I am a Kindergarten teacher at heart, which is where the bright colors come from, that’s what I think of when I think of school. Probably always will. My boys will be in high school and I’ll be wanting to put up bulletin boards with cute borders. Bright colors just make me feel school, which is why I love the schoolroom done that way. P actually helped us design it too, he narrowed down the 3 main colors to blue/green/orange when we painted!

Thanks for all of your kind words about our schoolroom..and those of you who said you were inspired, I can’t wait to see your photos when you work on your school rooms/areas!

Our School Room

It was time for a change, our current school room layout wasn’t working for us and I couldn’t figure out a new way to arrange and then finally it hit me! Honestly the schoolroom layout (plus the heating cost, since it’s an uninsulated room), was bugging me so badly that we have been doing school upstairs for awhile now.

I am happy to say we are back down in the schoolroom and both P and I love the new layout. The biggest change was moving the table into the middle of the room and keeping nothing on it (permanently at least). Before the table held the computer, and a bunch of filed stuff and was up against the wall. It didn’t provide the space we needed to spread out. P also loves to do any type of art work and this allows him to just go in on his own and be creative!

And in case you’re wondering, this room was done very inexpensively, mostly through Ikea and Target!