Identifying Upper and Lowercase Letters ~ PowerPoint Show

I have a new PowerPoint show available in the Members Only section, focusing on identifying upper and lowercase letters. There is a slide for each letter like this…Upper Lowercase ABCs a

It pops up just like that and you have your child identify the upper case letter in the box and the object, to touch on beginning sounds {although that is not the focus of this show}. 

Then ask your child to show you the matching lowercase letter, in this case, “where is the lowercase a?”  After your child points to it, you begin clicking through and the wrong letters begin to disappear until only the lowercase a is left.  In this fashion, it is self correcting and encouraging, focusing on the RIGHT answer in a simple and exciting way for a younger child.  If your child got it wrong, you can correct in a fun and positive way!

After that slide there is a basic slide as shown below, to give your child one more view of the upper/lowercase letters together for reinforcement.Upper Lowercase ABCs b


You can access this show in the Members Only section of my website.  If you are not a member already, you can learn more info here.  See what is in the Members Only section now and what is coming soon here!1 members only2

Education Cubes Fun ~ Working with 2 Children

We have been using our new Education Cubes almost every day around here!  They are such a simple tool, that just adds an element of fun and interest to an otherwise possibly boring activity.  I am randomly coming up with ideas to use our cubes, so I will be sharing ideas here and Jenn will also be sharing our ideas and others on the Education Cubes site itself.  If you are using them also, be sure to let Jenn know so she can link to your posts too and we can all share ideas!

Both of my boys love the cubes, however they are 4 years apart {4 – pre K, 8 – 3rd grade} and finding ways to use the cubes with them together has been my challenge!  Recently I had an idea and it worked! 

I inserted the first 6 Raising Rock Stars Preschool letters into 1 cube and gave each boy a piece of paper.  We used special snowman paper and a special snowman pen this time to make it more fun.  The boys took turns rolling the cube.IMG_4683

Krash had to write the letter on his paper and Pac Man had to think of a word beginning with that letter and write it on his paper.IMG_4681

We did 8 rolls and it was just enough to have fun and not bore anyone!  It was a simple way to work with both children at the same time even though they are 4 years apart!  There was a lot of cheering for each other and high fives…working on supporting one another.  IMG_4687

Resources used…

  • Cubes
  • RRSP Review Printables {although you could easily use Jenns Upper Case ABC printables if you are an Education Cubes Member}.  Jenn is currently working on RRSP inserts for Education Cubes also!  My RRSP review printable almost fit nicely in the cubes, but Jenn is creating a set for the EC site also so they will fit perfectly!

Preschool Printables and New ABC PowerPoint

When I found these ABCs, I just had to make something with them.   I pulled together a simple ABC show, bringing up the letters one at a time with the click of the arrow or mouse, to allow a child to go at his/her own pace. The Power Point is a neat way to sing the alphabet song even with a younger tot, as each letter can be pulled up as you sing it.

I then made these simple cards to be printed to go along with the show. You could print 2 and use them for a memory game, print one set and cut the word off the bottom and have your child match the word to the correct card.  Or just use them as simple, fun ABC flashcards!ABCs

The cards are available for free here on my Preschool Printables: Alphabet page.  The PowerPoint is located in the Members Only section!


ABC-abc…Can you find the baby letter?

As I mentioned in my RRSP intro post, I have begun making Preschool Printable tools for Krash.  I am making these theme-less, so they can be used over and over again to work on a certain concept. I started with a set I had been wanting to make for awhile…

Clothespin ABCs2


Krash demonstrates the procedure for you…



Identify the “Mommy letter” and find the “baby letter”  ;-).


You can download these here on our All ABC webpage!

We Did It! A-Z…


I am so excited to have a project for each letter of the alphabet to remember K’s Tot School time!  We had SO much fun with these and are already enjoying our next set {A is already done!}.  Krash still remembers many of the letters we made and will tell is “__ is for__” quite often.  They were displayed in our kitchen while we worked on them, and now are in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. Most of the letter ideas came from our first series of Now I Know my ABCs on Totally Tots, although some of them came from other places I gathered ideas from on great blogs!

Our next set will be inspired by Now I Know My ABCs over at Totally Tots. Jolanthe is writing this series and is making a foam craft for each letter!  A is for Alligator was a big hit with Krash and is now proudly displayed in our kitchen, just waiting for the rest of his letter friends!

Colored pattern with letters of alphabet

Alphabet Idea Collection