Educational & Spiritual Gifts

We spent Christmas down south visiting our family. It was a fun filled week, and very busy for our family. We have safely arrived back home and I am looking forward to getting back into our routine! Our kids were blessed with some really cool stuff this year, I love it when our kids get cool gifts that can help them in both their spiritual and educational growth! I am posting a widget on my right sidebar (I can’t get it to post in my current post for some reason, oh well.) to share some of these neat things! I always love to see what other kids got for Christmas, especially things to use for homeschooling!

1st, our son who is 5 1/2 right now…
I LOVE the Sansa Shaker MP3 player, which I preloaded with 2G of Christian children’s music. It clips to his belt loop and has an external speaker so he can listen all the time! We are also really excited to put up the space explorer set (which we got at Costco for $29.99!) in his room, our next lapbook is all about space!

And our baby, who is 19 months…praise God for Melissa and Doug toys! The ABC stacking blocks were a HUGE hit with him! He got tons of cool wooden toys, as well as puzzles, and other fun things. I plan to keep most of them put up and use them during school time to keep him entertained with “new” things each day. I also don’t want to lose all of the wonderful pieces to the many wooden items! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Crafts

My son LOVES to do crafts and Christmastime is always a wonderful excuse! I like crafts, but am not very talented in this area so the craft kits are a big hit at our house. Here are the 3 big ones he made this year so far (which will all be given as gifts to family members).

The Nativity (my favorite!) I found a link for this one at Michaels.
The other 2 we got at JoAnn, I couldn’t find them online, but I’m sure they have something similar in the stores now!

The Train…and the Gingerbread House…

Christmas ~ Little Laplinks

I know I have already posted about my Christmas Symbols lapbook, but I was a bit ahead of the game! For December, Little Laplinks, hosted by Little Blots of Faith, is collecting info for Christmas lapbooks! Instead of info, I have a whole lapbook to share! I wanted to re post so I could connect it to Little Laplinks. So, here is my link to all of my info, which was mainly gathered from this site, and put together into a lapbook, with pdf file hosted here.

In the Works ~ Christmas Symbols Lapbook

We are making a Christmas Symbols lapbook and I have found some great resources I would like to share. I ordered the Christmas Symbols lapbook from Hands of Child and have used this as inspiration. Although they have wonderful ideas, I am pretty particular about graphics and fonts (my husband says I am crazy) so I redid all of their ideas and added a few of my own. I used this website for most of my additional information. And you can find almost everything in the Hands of a Child lapbook there too. I decided to create pdfs of my Publisher documents so I could share online with anyone who wants to use it! I did use 2 of the actual items from the lapbook I paid for so obviously those aren’t in the documents. This is nothing fancy 🙂 but it’s gonna work for us!

I made up a sample since I had to choose from MANY options of symbols to include, and make sure what I chose, fit! Here is a photo, so you can see what it looks like. Most are just little fold in half “minibooks” where you write the symbolism on the inside. The colors one is a flap book, with each color flipping open. The Tree is actually a stapled minibook with several pages to write the symbolism of all the things found on a tree (and also of the tree). On the back I am putting the Jesus is better than Santa poem.

Link to PDF files
I am also doing this lapbook with my 11-12 year old girls’ Sunday school class, they are excited!