Sequence ~ States & Capitals

Pac-Man got this awesome game…SEQUENCE States & Capitals, for Christmas from yours truly. I wasn’t sure he would *get it* but he knew the general concept of Sequence, so I figured even if he didn’t get it right away, he could grow into it. Well, there was no growing needed. We played today and he GOT IT! We have never really talked much about capitals, but have done a USA lapbook, so he is familiar with the states. He was able to read most of the capitals on his own and then read the states. We had a great time playing a game he loves and learning states and capitals together (I had forgotten many of them!). I look forward to this being an extremely valuable tool when it comes time for him to really know his states and capitals and highly recommend this game!

Oh and yes, he beat me. We also have Sequence for Kids(which he learned on), and regular Sequence(which we adults love to play). I had no idea they even made the USA version, so when I saw it I was super excited!

Prayer Geography…the results!!!!

Daddy’s prayer map is complete! We heard from over 175 people between both blogs and hit almost every state and many countries! it was really exciting to watch the comments come in and to know that prayers have been lifted up for our Daddy and family!!!! Here Pac-Man is showing the printed copy to his Daddy for the first time, Daddy was amazed!!!

We can’t thank you all enough for joining with us, and thank you for letting Pac-Man know you were(are) praying for his Daddy.
In case anyone is wondering where we got our map, here is the link. It is really cool, you color it in online and then download your copy to print!

PS-I have emailed everyone who left an email address in their comment who requested the other blog. If you did not leave your email, I did not send it to you :), you are welcome to send me an email or comment to request it again, but be sure to leave me your email address so I can get it to you that way! If you aren’t comfortable with leaving your email in a comment, just ask me not to publish the comment and then nobody but me will see it! You can always do that on my blog if you ever have a more private message for me. I have comment moderation on so I can just delete after I read if you ask me not to publish it!

Prayer Geography

I posted this on my personal blog too, so if you are a reader over there, please ignore it here!!! I just wanted to be sure Paxc-Man could hear form everyone as I know there were many prayers coming from my homeschooling blog friends!

One of the coolest things about this (undesired) journey through our Daddy having cancer, is Pac-Man being able to learn about the body of Christ joining together. One particular day last week in the midst of the unknown, he asked me about the people praying for his Daddy and our family. He was very interested to know where they were all from and if we knew all of them. What a powerful thing it was for me to tell them that we had NEVER even met many of them and he certainly hadn’t met most of them. Then to be able to tell him that our prayer warriors were located all over the country and even a few in other countries–how powerful that was for his little mind to take in.

He asked me if we could know all of the states and countries our prayers were coming from. I told him, thanks to the blog, YES we could! So, I ask you-prayer warriors, will you please tell my son where you are from so we can create a prayer map together. He will learn about geography from this but most importantly about how powerful it is to live and love within the body of Christ.

If you have prayed for our Daddy, please comment below like this *Carisa-Pennsylvania* (or you can leave your name out and just put your state (or country)). We are going to color in a map and also make a graph of where everyone was from.

Thanks for doing this for Pac-Man, and most importantly thanks for being a part of this group–praying for our man.

World Map Puzzle

At a shopping trip to Lowe’s (of all places) my husband and I found this wonderful,World Map Foam Puzzle It is listed on Amazon for 29.99 but at Lowe’s it was only 19.99! I LOVE this puzzle, and had been looking for something like this for awhile, who knew I would find it at Lowe’s! It has the countries then listed again at the bottom. And from the picture you can see how big it is. This is wonderful and I just wanted to share in case anyone was looking for something like this and wouldn’t ever know to check Lowe’s! And, as you can see, P thinks it’s great!