Learning with Ladybug ~ age 4y 4m

Learning with Ladybug Preschool at Home

Welcome to our new weekly preschool at home blog feature, Learning with Ladybug!  As you probably know, I scrapped our preschool plan and built a new one based around our current needs.  After the first week, I am praising God for leading me on a different path, her joy was a beautiful things to see all week!

We have a few main preschool categories, you can read the entire plan here, I will break my weekly posts down by category so you can see what she did each week within a certain area. If we have a letter focus, I will do a separate post to make searching easier.  I will do the same for any themes we do.

See our entire Home Preschool Plan here!

Spielgaben ~ Play Based Learning

Our first week using Spielgaben has been so much fun! We used set one, the cotton balls, all week and did so many different things with them! She was joyful and engaged with every activity we did!

On the first day, we worked on rainbow color order and made a color train, and also put stickers in our box to help with clean up.  These lessons were from the user guides that come with the set.

Home Preschool -6268

Also part of the lesson was to add in some color work with clay!  I drew a train, and she matched up the balls, and then we made “people” with colored clay.

Home Preschool -6278

She had to mix colors to get purple and orange, and she loved that!

Home Preschool -6283


I preselected a few worksheets for us to do together based on what I thought she would enjoy. These worksheets come with the set {in PDF format}.  I am using our dry erase center so we can reuse or pass down the worksheets.  Many are hard on ink, so I didn’t want to just throw them out!  We used the materials along with the worksheets to make it more hands on.  I love her face here as she was trying to figure out which fruit was missing from the bowl.

Home Preschool -6534


She loved the hidden ball activity, another from the user guide, and played it over and over again with me!

Home Preschool -6538


I chose a few matching worksheets and we built the items together before doing the matching.  Here’s a house…Home Preschool -6585

A butterfly…Home Preschool -6587

A flower…Home Preschool -6589

A cake…Home Preschool -6590


And some free play of course!

Home Preschool -6592

Home Preschool -6594

FYI ~ I am not being paid at all to continue to share about Spielgaben, I was given the set to review and write one post {this one}.  What you will see from here on out is just because we are loving it so much!

Messy Fun

We have always had lots of messy fun but I am making it a more intentional part of our plan.  Almost all of my ideas are pinned here on my Sensory play board.  I am trying to have one planned messy creation experience per week, even if it just making a new batch of something we’ve already done. 

This week we made Foam Dough for the first time. I was inspired by this post. Foam dough is really simple, just some shaving cream and cornstarch all mixed up.  She asked for pink food dye, which gave her pink fingers too!

Home Preschool -6557

We only made a little bit, but she loved this!

Home Preschool -6559

The consistency is similar to cloud dough, but a bit different.  She had fun exploring the feel.

Home Preschool -6563

As usual, animals had to join the fun!

Home Preschool -6569


On the day we used clay with the Spielgaben activity shown earlier, she asked to mix the clay all up and play in the afternoon, so I said yes!  Home Preschool -6393

She gave her animals coats.Home Preschool -6388


On a couple of days she chose play dough, her favorite is the vanilla scented white dough with glitter!  Again, some animals must have been chilly.

Home Preschool -6509

Home Preschool -6618


We still have a good batch of water beads, I keep washing them off {I use dish soap and our colander to strain them} and they spring back to life!  She wanted some extra water to make a pond, so she had a great time with some tiny frogs, a few rocks and the beads in water.

Home Preschool -6659

She played each time for about an hour, which is my focus each day.  During the afternoon time while I am working with Pac, is when she is sitting at the dining room table making a mess!

All By Myself Preschool Boxes

She spends about an hour in the afternoon playing with her boxes. Usually this hour starts right after lunch, but if she wants to play messy stuff first, I let her.  I am basically requiring her to float between her boxes or the messy play table, or if she wants to be difficult, she can take a nap.  I sneak in to snap photos, but mostly she plays alone.  Sometimes she comes to get me to show me something too.

In her 5 small sensory bins this week: popcorn kernels, macaroni noodles, buttons, beans, and gems.

She loved the Doc Mcstuffins matching cards, “oooh I remember these!” she said.

Home Preschool -5749

Her sensory box this day was filled with buttons, she was balancing them on her cookie sheet when I peeked in.

Home Preschool -5753


The macaroni noodles were a BIG hit.

Home Preschool -5922

So were the tiny containers I added to her supply stash.  Got these at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.

Home Preschool -5925

Home Preschool -6403


She wasn’t using some of the puzzles and activities in her boxes and I was curious to know if it was a display thing so I tried something new one day.  I put the puzzle out like this and did the first set to see if it might draw her attention.

Home Preschool -6501

It did!  She came in to get me awhile later to show me she had completed the puzzles!

Home Preschool -6510


Same thing happened with the Cars cards! I started them and she ended up finishing them!

Home Preschool -6503


The next day I laid a few things out for her, and it worked again.  She laced on a few shapes, and then decided to combine toys and matched the bugs up to the colored shapes!

Home Preschool -6579


Popcorn kernels were another big hit.  She loved the bag of birds too {an old counting toy from a former teacher}.

Home Preschool -6610


Automoblox were in one of her boxes this week and she came to show off her car creations to me!

Home Preschool -6614


She combined the wheels and the tiny foam blocks {old dollar section Target toy} to make towers.

Home Preschool -6616


She ignored the clip cards at first, but when I did the first one for her, she did the rest on her own happily!

Home Preschool -6655

See all items that rotate through our boxes here!

All the Rest

She really enjoyed our first Integrity Time lesson {review coming soon} which introduced 4 of our characters and a few songs. A is for Attitude led to a lot of discussion with these 2! 

Integrity Time -6457


We learned song #1, Who is God?,  on Questions with Answers 1: God & Creation, she resisted at first, but I played it during plenty of other times during the week and by the end of the week she was trying to sing along!


She has loads of free play time and chooses what she plays with during those times.  She loves to put the pegs on the design boards instead of where they are intended to go!

Home Preschool -5906

Foam block tower!

Home Preschool -5912


My girl loves all things crawly, and this caterpillar was a big hit.  she had never caught one like this before and took very special care of him, for about 24 hours.

Home Preschool -6254

She sweetly decided to let him go back and live outside after a day and as we were putting him in the tree, she accidentally placed her knee on him and he died.  Green slimy guts everywhere.  Poor girl.  Poor caterpillar.  She handled it well, but was a little freaked out by the guts, they were pretty nasty!  It was a good lesson in being super careful around tiny living creatures!

Home Preschool -6265


She is loving our very simple daily calendar routine.  I decided to keep it SUPER simple this year and just focus on numbers, days, months, etc. She has always mixed up 13 when counting and this has really helped!  She loves counting and has finally been correcting her 13 issues! She loves using the swatter to count!

Home Preschool -6472

I had this little chart from when Pac was in K so I pulled it out to use with her, she loves it! {this on Amazon is similar}

Home Preschool -6629


We are going to work through the preschool drawing lessons from Blue Manor, she enjoyed day one!

Home Preschool -6527


My little book worm!

Home Preschool -6672


See our LETTER K work here, it was done this same week as what you will see above!

Home Preschool Letter K


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Our Home Preschool Plan

Learning with Ladybug Preschool

After revaluating our current home preschool routine, I have developed a new one based on what I think will work better for my daughter {and me} at this time.  This plan is also subject to change at anytime as I follow her lead!  She is currently 4 1/2 years old, and you can read this post to see more about what led me to this plan.

Her actual time with me for focused learning is 1 hour per day, 5 days a week. You will see more about how that is working now in future posts, I will continue blogging in detail for her preschool year. Below is a brief list and description of the areas I have decided to focus on for her.  Much of what you see below takes pace outside of that focus hour.  For a preschooler, life is learning and these are the many ideas I plan to incorporate into her day.

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used below}

We are basing a large part of our play based learning around our new Spielgaben toy set and the user guides, inspiration cards, and worksheets that come with it.  I was blessed beyond words to receive the complete set to review, right at the time we needed something like this most!  God provides unique surprises and I am so grateful!

Home Preschool -6590 Home Preschool -6278


For our letter focused work, we will be using the following…

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3167 Home Preschool Letter Jj -3938

    For developing reading skills, we will be…..READING!  Fancy huh?  I believe the best way to get a child who is as close as Ladybug is to being ready to read over that hump is simply by enjoying books together.  No pressure, no forcing from me, just fun reading snuggled up together and also plenty of free reading by herself.  She will probably cross the final reading readiness line soon, but we are in no rush! Home Preschool Letter Jj -4011


      She  will be using many Preschool Packs that focus around her interests and specific seasons/holidays.  She loves theme based work!

      Home Preschool Letter Jj -4005Home Preschool Letter Hh -3123

      For her independent afternoon time, she is using her All By Myself Preschool Boxes.

      All By Myself Preschool Boxes -5597


      For social, emotional, character development we are using Integrity Time Online  ~  Know It. We were given this curriculum to review {review/giveaway coming soon}, and it is a good fit for where she is at.  Krash {age 7} will join us for this too.  We will also be role-playing a LOT as I help her learn appropriate responses in social situations.  This is an area she really struggles in, and role playing really helps a lot.

      Integrity Time -6448


      For our Bible focus, we are using Songs for Saplings, Questions with Answers Volume 1, God and CreationSee our printables here.



      She has focused iPad learning time for about 30 minutes a day, and we are using this method to focus on certain apps I have chosen for her to use. I scheduled this in this year along with a learning DVD because I really needed 1 hour with Krash uninterrupted.

      Home Preschool Letter B -8269


      I am scheduling in one educational or Bible based DVD per day, using Netlix or DVDs we own. I love the new profiles on Netflix.  I loaded up her specific Queue with the learning movies I have chosen {mostly Leapfrog, & a few Veggie Tales for now}.

      photo (1)


      For her love of all things sensory related, artsy, creative and messy we will be doing the following.

      Summer Challenge 2013 -4708 Home Preschool -6418Home Preschool -6559 Preschool Fun -5278Preschool Fun -5716 Preschool Fun -5714



      Extra Stuff: Easy Readers on the iPad, Blue Manor eBooks & drawing lessons, Readeez Videos.  None of this is an anchor part of our plan, but all stuff we have and enjoy right now.

      I will change our plan again, I’m sure, but after a week with this new plan, she is thriving once again! I am thankful for now and will continue to follow her lead as I make educational choices for her!

      Stay tuned, I will be sharing our first week back to preschool soon!