Tot School ~ Letter Ee

~Ladybug is currently 24 months old~



Tot School Printables E is for Egg

Letter: Ee

Object: Eggs

Vocabulary Development Theme: Food/Kitchen {and a continuation of birds}

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

We used our Leapfrog letters again, she was really excited when she realized the letters matched ;-).

IMG_2190 IMG_2195

This week we also used our new homemade play dough to make the letters too, she liked this!Foam Letters with Play Dough


She enjoyed this so much, we did it on a few different days!  After working on our letter, we just played with the play dough!IMG_2334


For our vocabulary development theme, I gathered as many kitchen items as I could find to match with her cards.  She really enjoyed this!



She actually did the shadow matching this week!!IMG_2395


I did the puzzle for her a few times, but she got very frustrated when trying to do it herself 😉IMG_2397

She did a lot of dot painting again,IMG_2197

She loved dot painting the Ee objects!!!IMG_2325

I created the first set of add-ons for the Tot School Printables program, for now these will only be available to download within my blog posts.  Eventually I may create a separate area for the “extras” but for now you can download the first set here, which includes review flashcards {in color or BW} for letters A-H, as shown below…IMG_2342Ladybug really enjoyed these and had a great time finding the letter I asked her to show me!  She is really proud of the letters she knows!!!IMG_2343

Letter Ee printables here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter E


Each week we have a focus color, that goes along with our Tot School Printables unit, his week it was orange.  I pulled out our orange drawer of stuff for her to explore and she loved it.IMG_2170

Here she was putting her large beads onto a straw {I shoved something into the end to make them stay}.IMG_2264

She got this adorable game for her birthday from a friend and she LOVES it!

IMG_2307  IMG_2310

We are currently reviewing Twisters & Twister Curves from Guidecraft and this is her favorite thing to do with them…IMG_2184


Another awesome consignment sale find, the wooden ABC bookIMG_2318


An old favorite, the piggy bankIMG_2681


We began cutting this week, with her very own pink Koopy scissors.  She is doing really well but still needs my help for the most part.IMG_2400


We got out our shape viewers to work on shapes this week instead of using the cards form our Tot School Printables unit.  She really enjoyed these!!!




tub of fun

She loved playing with our bird sensory bin several time this week, so did Krash!IMG_2381



This week she watched many PowerPoints again!  She is really enjoying the new rhyming words show, even though I actually created it for Krash!.IMG_2469



They are both loving our new Leapfrog movie, Math Adventure to the Moon, of course chilling out in their bean bags.


Moms Favorite

Pac Man’s birthday was Friday and she was really digging the whole idea of another cake!!!IMG_2645  IMG_2640IMG_2649  IMG_2652


Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Ee

Rock starsThis is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter E

Our letter this week ~ Ee, our verse: Even a child is known by his deeds.

Here Krash is reading his easy reader. {which focused on positional words, as well as a letter e word: egg, and the sight word: is} He did much better with his reading when using the PowerPoint rather than the paper copy of the book. He is not very fond of the paper books, {but does like real books, whew!}IMG_3127


He did very well with his writing this week. We are really working on this left handed thing. I recently learned from a reader {thanks Val!} that I was supposed to turn the paper diagonally to help left handers…who knew? I honestly don’t ever remember learning about this…should have been a part of teacher certification, don’t ya think? Here’s the helpful site if anyone else has a lefty.



He resisted the page turning at first, wanting it straight, but eventually trusted me ;-). I am also REALLY working on keeping his grip correct {something I was not as intentional as I should have been with Pac Man-who now writes like I do}.



He still loves taping his verse together and then comparing its length to himself!



Here he is working with his egg and basket {the craft for the week}. It was a hands on activity as well as a craft. He colored the egg, then we used it to practice positional words {like in the easy reader}. Afterward we glued it to his paper.


We used our RRSP Review mat to find the letter Ee!!!



The Power Point lessons I referred to and the RRSP review materials are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here. The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE on the main RRSP page…

You can download the entire letter Ee unit here.

in the box{A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week, not all activities are pictured}

We started the Kumon Drawing book this week. While Krash was away I took the book apart and placed the pages in sheet protectors so we could reuse it. I am having Krash trace on the sheet protector with a dry erase marker…IMG_2949…then I am having him actually do the drawing in his own notebook which has drawing space and writing lines. I am having him dictate a sentence or 2 about his drawing. This week he did 2 drawing lessons, and he didn’t totally love either one ;-), drawing isn’t really his thing. He is actually struggling a LOT with his drawing and it frustrates him. We’re taking it slow though and keeping it FUN, while also learning some skills!

Here he is showing my dad his drawing and reading his sentences with him. IMG_2837

He did a great job reviewing his numbers with our clothespin number cardsIMG_2940

We did a few fun letter of the week activities. Here he is sorting his upper case and lower case Ee’s…IMG_2946

He dot painted an elephant…IMG_3138

We played E-e Tic-Tac-ToeIMG_3159

He made the letters on a Play Doh mat {which is inside of a sheet protector}IMG_3161



star boxesThis is where I share the 3 special open-ended toys that were in our Star Boxes for the week.

Our 3 STAR boxes for the week: Unifex Cubes, Pop Beads, and Eggs & Spoons. I only got a picture of K counting his tower of cubes ;-)…IMG_3173

He loves to count!!!!


techy time

He worked with our new Simple 3-letter CVC words PowerPoint {this is located in the Members Only section}. He grasped the concept more than I thought he would, and really enjoyed the show!



game time

Our game this week was Hullaballoo. I was a lazy mom and only played the first day. The boys played alone several times though. 😉 This game is great for…

  • colors, shapes, vocabulary
  • listening and following directions
  • getting energy out!

IMG_2958 See more of our favorite preschool games here.

Life SchoolThis is where I share games, toys, and life experiences that occur outside of our planned preschool time.

Remember my Tot School post where I shared how much Ladybug loves her new Felt Food? Well, Krash loves it EVEN MORE!!! Here he is washing each piece of food so he can serve me dinner ;-). His blankee was the dishwasher. We are SO thankful to Susan for sending it to us, and allowing us to host a giveaway for her soon!IMG_3212

Here the boys are riding their Unicycle. This is the fun new part we have added to our morning routine. Each boy chooses an action ABC card and we all do it together!!!! They both LOVE this!!!IMG_3145

My boy is a BIG Batman fan. When I found Batman books in the $1 section at Target I snatched them up!!! I knew he would like them, I had NO idea he would sleep with them at night!!!! He loves this book {I have the other 3 saved to bring out later}. He has spent so much time reading this book!!!IMG_2840


Moms fav

As I said above, BIG Batman fan. I surprised the boys with this dress up kit, and Krash has literally been Robin almost the entire week {as I am sure you noticed in many photos above}. IMG_2885




More Preschool Links…

Be sure to visit Preschool Corner to see all of the other amazing home-preschool moms!

Tot School ~ Baby Animals

~Krash is currently 46 months old~

Learning Toys

Zoobs continue to be a BIG hit with both boys.  I just love how Krash likes to “read” the instruction booklets.  He is so good at building things with these now, completely on his own!IMG_1871

Our beads are also still a favorite, they can’t get enough of these! IMG_1800Not really how the book, “How to Build an A” is supposed to be used, but I suppose it does work well as a race track, right? IMG_1801 We had LOADS of fun with Twister Hopscotch this week, SO much fun in fact that it will be the featured toy for my “Play with Me” post on Totally Tots this month, stay tuned!IMG_1804

He did his lower case ABC puzzle all by himself {with his hammer of course}IMG_2326


We enjoyed a week of BABY ANIMALS! We enjoyed reading tons of books about baby animals, many of which are here.  I made a Baby Animals Tot Pack, but just haven’t had the chance to get it posted…I promise I will share SOON!  Here’s K checking out his first day’s workboxes {I can’t believe I caught his face like that, he was honestly happy about his stuff!}…IMG_1779  He made baby animal collages using our Ultimate Baby Animal Sticker Book…IMG_1780 He colored his baby animal cards to match the color of their name…IMG_1797 He put together is baby animal puzzles…IMG_1793 After the 1st one was so wiggly, I decided to put Velcro on the back of the laminated pieces and let him use a piece of felt-he loved this!IMG_1863

He loved matching his mommy & baby cards…IMG_1777

I made him an I Spy bottle {don’t have a photo} by putting these little images with rice in it.  He hated it.  The next day I dumped it into a box like this and he loved it.IMG_2096

He played with just the rice for a long time after finding the animals, AND did a great job obeying my keep the rice in the box instruction!!!IMG_2112

He matched his Mommy & Baby animals…IMG_2317

We got out our Is Your Mama a Llama shadow matching {form our Itty Bitty Bookworm} IMG_2296


tub of funA tub of dry beans and baby animals 😉  hours of fun for a tot!  He did ask for cups and a spoon…silly mommy didn’t even think about that!IMG_1748


Post SubTitles ABC

We read Rumble in the Jungle and made an Elephant EIMG_1859


Techy Tot

Krash is in love with this new FREE app I got for him, Giraffe’s Matching Zoo.  I honestly didn’t even think he would like it but he plays it all the time!image As with all free apps, be careful of the pop ups that try to get your child to buy something ;-). See this app and more we love for tots here on our web page.

Tiny Tot School

I brought out our gears toy for Ladybug and she is in love!!!IMG_2261Our item this week was ping pong balls {we have these}! She loved them!!!!  First I put them in a basket for her to explore…IMG_1838 I love how she dug right in to get them!!!IMG_1839IMG_1843 Of course Pac Man played with her tons.  Here he is throwing them into the basket for her…I think he taught her how to juggle too.IMG_1846 Next time I gave her the balls on a tray and added in an empty container.  She was fun to watch as she explored this!IMG_1994IMG_2011She loved it when I showed her how the balls rolled around on the tray! IMG_2043

I have to be careful now, my little scooter is getting her self around pretty good.  I walked out of the room for a sec and came back to find she had scooted over to the toy shelves and helped herself! IMG_2052


Getting Ready

Independent reading time has been something we have done for years {here’s an old post about Pac Man and reading}.  I just fall off the wagon with scheduling it in at times.  We are back on the wagon and each boy has a new book basket which I keep loaded with books that I think will interest them.IMG_1788I am now having them read while I prepare lunch each day, and we did it every day last week.  It was AWESOME.  I am also using the book baskets as a time filler if I have to put Ladybug down for a nap or something and need something quick to engage the boys while I am away for a few minutes.  Krash quickly found a few favorites in his basket and read them over and over again all week, it was so cute! IMG_1832

He continues to cut his way through his Kumon Cutting Workbook…IMG_1865

Krash finally did his very first unprompted “writing”  He is advancing so quickly with school type things these days.  It’s like he has turned a corner and all of the sudden is into this stuff now!IMG_1857


Life School

“Look Mommy, it’s a g!!!!” {yes, Mommy was very proud, considering I didn’t even think he could identify a lower case g}IMG_1879

K’s new obsession…Team UmiZoomi {if you haven’t seen it, it is a cross between Super Why, Little Einsteins & Wonder Pets-focused on MATH}.  I think it is super cute and he is not usually really into certain shows, so it is cute to see him get up and dance with it!!!IMG_2271


Moms Favorite

Krash and Ladybug are really developing a sweet bond together now that she is a bit older.  It is so awesome.  He is the wildest kid but is so soft spoken and gentle with her.  It just melts my heart.


This Weeks Tools


Tot School

~Krash is currently 37.5 months old~

Tot School is in full swing again, and we are enjoying it! I decided to divide this post into categories of our learning instead of the weekly order, let me know if you like it better this way and I will keep on posting like this. It helps me see where I am possibly falling short and where he is getting exposure so I can adjust for the next week. I got this idea from RockerMom who began posting RockerTot’s Tot School posts in a similar way-thanks for the great idea!!!

Learning Toys/Puzzles…

K enjoyed playing with Baba until he had to leave on Wednesday…
He asked me for our Bead Sequencing Set

I got him these cute Oreo Matchin’ Middles at the used book sale for 25 cents…score-he loved them!!!He is getting really good at his 24 piece Cars puzzle, and will ask me to show him if he can’t find where a piece goes…
Another consignment sale find…these great Bristle Blocks
He did really well sorting by size…

Physical Games/Toys…
K continues to love Wii Boxing, we continue to love watching him!!!ABC Fun…

I made Krash this new abc set, using pipe cleaners to make each lowercase letter (I used a glue gun to make them). I got the idea from this great blog (who got it from another great blog…aren’t blogs great!!!)! I made ours a little different, putting them on rings so he can carry them all and flip through them. I am adding a new letter as we go through the alphabet this time in abc order.
This week he enjoyed making his Ee with eggsand his Ff with feathers
After he made each letter he helped me add the new letter to the rings, which we will continue to do now. Then we go through them all together.I am also adding letters to our Wooden Alphabet set on the dishwasher as we work on them. He plays with them a lot now, I have heard him practicing them on his own and also singing…

Arts and Crafts…

K did water painting for the first time…
He drew his first face and person, which I LOVE!!!!!
He chose to make Daddy a car painting for Father’s Day (he pointed to his Cc on our wall and asked me to paint with the cars again).

Life School…
Krash and Ladybug enjoyed watching Baby Einstein together…Krash went bike riding with Daddy and Pac for the first time!!!
He also started his very first swimming lessons…
My Favorite…

Finally, here’s my favorite shot of my precious boy from this past week…

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