Rainbows ~ Little Laplinks

For April, Little Laplinks is doing a lapbook all about rainbows and we are excited to get started!

First, I created a printable myself, to teach roygbiv. I just couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I made it myself. You can find it in PDF form here. I also have books we will be using and just might make some more items if I can’t find other things I am looking for (I already have one in mind!).
I really wanted an accurate rainbow for P to be able to color that actually had all 7 spaces of the rainbow! I found that here.
We also plan to uses these printables for our lapbook…
We plan to use a few items that others have already linked up…
Noah’s Ark mini book
I’m hoping to make a printable with these songs for learning to spell color words, you’ll have to check back if you’re interested! **edited** I made the mini book for the songs! It is here.
I will add photos of our completed lapbook when we’re done! Jump on over to Lapbook Lesson’s Little Laplinks to see other ideas form other blogs!