Tot School

Yesterday, P and I got into a conversation about my youngest, K, going to preschool. I told him we will be keeping K at home and we will homeschool him for preschool. Long story short…P informed me that K is already in school and it indeed does have a name…”Tot School.” I laughed and decided I like that name, so I have one in 1st grade and one in Tot School!

Here’s what our Tot School tends to look like…

This morning, K brought me the play doh and said “ball” meaning he wanted me to make balls out of the play doh for him…we did and played for awhile, working on colors, shapes and most of all…fun.
Tons of reading, thankfully K loves books, we also love the LeapFrog LittleTouch LeapPad Learning SystemLots of block building, and play with our Melissa and Doug ToysAnd he already loves the computer, his favorite “game” is KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE JumpStart Advanced Toddlers (Windows/Macintosh) Sing a Long Songs (it’s one of the disks in that set). He climbs up on the desk and says “puter pees (computer please)” until we start it up! The boys “play” lots of games together, K just loves exploring big brother’s games and P likes having someone interested in “playing” with him! Here they’re playing Cranium Balloon Lagoon, one of our new family favorites!And, of course, art! (when I have the patience to deal with the “I’m all done,” after it took me 10 minutes to get all ready and he’s painted for less than a minute!) Anyone else have that problem? But, I know it’s good for him , so we do it as much as I can handle :). He’s got the papi in so he doesn’t eat the paint!!!This is just a small sampling, as K slowly joins our school life more and more each day. I will be honest, it is HARD having an almost 2 yr old and an almost 6 yr old. K is very loud and rambunctious, but also sweet and funny. He makes homeschooling interesting, as I’m sure all of you with toddlers know what I mean! My stress level hits peaks, but then comes back down as I learn to remind myself what a blessing it is to have them both at home. I truly love homeschooling, both of them. I pray for God to give me the patience I need day in and day out to be the best teacher and mother I can be to them.