Monster Trucks Preschool Pack

My boys love Monster Jam. Daddy has taken them for the past few years and we are thrilled that with each passing year it has become more and more child/family friendly! They look forward to it each year! This year it was the first time they were able to go outside in our football stadium and they loved it! Here’s a glimpse at the guys showing off their Monster Truck tattoos before they left.


We have tons of Monster Trucks of course, so I decided to take photos and create my own clipart for a preschool pack!!!

Here’s a glimpse of what is included {all free} in this Monster Trucks Preschool Pack

Monster Trucks Free Printables

Focus Skills

  • Letter Mm
  • Find the Difference
  • Graphing
  • Patterning
  • Sorting
  • Colors
  • Easy Reading
  • Shapes
  • Counting 1-20
  • Basic Addition
  • Song
  • Bible Verse
  • Labeling
  • Tracing

You can download the entire

Monster Truck Preschool Pack here on my website for FREE!

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Transportation Preschool Fun

We added in a Transportation unit recently and I wanted to share the activities Krash enjoyed! We used Jolanthe’s Transportation Preschool Pack and my Cars Preschool Pack for our learning fun!  It was a short unit, but fun for a small break from RRSP!  I have learned that taking a week here and there to just do a fun theme is good for both of us!

Transportation Preschool Theme

The following photos are all activities taken from the Transportation Preschool Pack.

Transportation Preschool Pack Button copy

Shadow Matching…


3-Part PuzzlesIMG_7200

Sorting Left/Right…IMG_7208

Labeling {he LOVED this}IMG_7228


The following activities were all from the Cars Preschool Pack

Cars Preschool Pack

Labeling Shapes {again, LOVED this}IMG_7387


SO proud!!!IMG_7397



Play Doh…IMG_7412

Counting and Tracing…IMG_7382

He LOVED the Racing Cars game, which we got from Mama Jenn.  We also used our Education Cubes with number inserts to play.IMG_7237

The Transportation Sensory Bin was played with daily!





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Cars Preschool Pack

Many of you probably know that the very first Tot Book I ever made was for Krash based around  the movie “Cars.”  Krash was a little over 2 when I made the Cars Tot Book for him and he loved it!  I now have another tot who likes all things Cars!  Funny thing-she doesn’t really enjoy the movie…just the many Cars books we have around our house!  We are now using the Cars Tot Book with Ladybug, and I decided to throw together some preschool printables for Krash to join back in on the Cars fun too!  Our whole theme this week is transportation, so Cars fits in just perfectly!

Cars Preschool Printable Pack

 I also plan to use K’s old Cars Tot Book with him also, as a review!  It’s fun to be able to use something I made for him when he was 2 and now use it in a different, more advanced way!

Find the new Cars Preschool Pack here!

Cars Printables

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Transportation Sensory & Imagination Bin

It was time for a new sensory bin!!!  The Valentines Sensory Bin is actually still put together since Ladybug is enjoying it so much, I am just now rotating in a new transportation bin, to go along with our current transportation theme.

This one was a bit tricky for me because it seems our entire home is one big transportation themed bin!  With 2 boys, we are filled with cars, trains, planes and more.  I tried to think beyond the actual vehicles and came up with this…IMG_7098

For this bin I went with the colors black and yellow {for roads} and anything little and transportation-y!  It has an assortment of different items that would not normally be put together in hopes of inspiring creativity and imaginative play!  Here’s a sampling of their first day playing with this bin…


The gel clings were a HUGE HIT, I highly recommend swinging by Target soon to see if they still have these, I just got them last Friday in the $1 section.  I cut them all out {or peeled them off} for this bin.  I know they will get destroyed being used this way, but I really love the sticky feeling they have and the kids loved playing with them!IMG_7101


IMG_7130   IMG_7132

Our “Cars” cars are out and about for our transportation week since we are using some of my Cars Tot Book for Ladybug.  She is obsessed with Cars books right now so it was a perfect fit!  The kids had fun using the bin items to make a race track for the cars…IMG_7127


As you can see they had a blast and have already come up with some out of the box ideas that I never even thought of.  The wooden ramps were an add on as we looked for something to hook the gel-clings onto and also for a road.  They were wonderful!!!  They are just empty shelves we had stored away!

A bit of info on where I got some of the stuff:

  • transportation gel clings-BIG HIT with the kids, got these recently in the Target dollar section
  • mini Cars erasers
  • various loose wheels we had around the house. If I could afford it, I would have loved to make the base of the bin with this set of Lego wheels 😉
  • yellow/black pieces and wheels from Guidecraft Construct-it set
  • transportation puzzle pieces, this set and this one
  • transportation themed cookie cutters were from this set
  • BLACK and/or YELLOW stuff:  unifix cubes, pom poms, clothespins, spoons, jewels, beads, color squares, bottle tops, straws {some of these items aren’t in the bin yet as I add things each day}
  • Oriental Trading has tons of awesome sensory bin items, just search by theme!

Looking for more inspiration?  Here are some transportation bins I found while searching around online, there weren’t too many as you can see! {if I missed yours, please leave a link to it in a comment on this post}!

I will be sharing our bin in upcoming Tot School and Preschool corner post as always, so you’ll be sure to see it in action more!  We play with our bin almost every morning as a whole group. 

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