My Daily Docket…

After my Makin’ Friends Monday post earlier today, Keri asked me to share my Daily Docket. As I mentioned earlier, I got this great idea from Simple Mom, I just didn’t actually use the one she shares, I almost always make my own stuff…I’m like that ;). Here is my adaptation… The top half and the bottom half are the same. If you can’t see, the top box is for the Date, next is Today’s MITs (Most Important Tasks), the bottom is for Calendar Items (dr. appts, etc.), the big box on the right is for Daily Reminders (random things I need to remember), and the middle section is where I write my current Bible memory verse. I print out about 4 of these at a time, keeping the current one on top, and in sequential order under it. As the days pass, I remove the top one, until there are none left.

My next page is a master list of sorts which I use for the entire week (or how ever many days I have of daily sheets). It has the following categories with little boxes for notes: House Stuff, Financial, Photo, Other, Homeschooling, Mom, Wife, Ministry, Misc. Shopping (Internet, etc.), and grocery list (just the small one where I jot down random things I think of before I make the big list).

Following that page is another weekly sheet to help me organize all of my blogs and websites. I have a lot (if you haven’t noticed) and I forget about 1 or 2 sometimes! This helps me glance over them all at once and not forget and leave one hanging! If I have post ideas or things to do, I jot them down under the specific blog.

Finally, I included my nutrition sheet, which I made to go with this website, Nutrition Data. I do not fill this out each day, but try to record at least one day a week just to see where I am at.

Also in my stack is my current monthly calendar for that month. I just keep this attached to the back of my stack so I always have it in case I need a date or something.

I keep all of these sheets hooked together with a clip and make a new stack each time the daily pages run out. That way I am re-writing the master lists every week or so and I am forced to see the things I have NOT done! If I didn’t do this and just rotated the master lists over there are some things I would never do, even though I wrote them down! I used to keep my lists and such in a 3-ring binder, but have since switched to just a clip-that way I can easily fold it up and take it with me if I need to.

I uploaded all of my files (and made the master lists blank for you to fill in your own categories), you can download the entire set, here.