June 2020 Calendars for Kids

We have our next free 2020 calendar for you! You can see how to download both the tracing and dot version of our calendars for June 2020 for free at the bottom of this post! It’s a new method which I hope will help you and me in the long run!

We have some sets for sale in our 1+1+1=1 Shop for those of you who want more!

Click on each image to see the individual sets…

2020-Dot-Fun-Calendar-for-Kids  2020-Tracing-Calendar-for-Kids32222

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Learning ideas to go along with the tracing printables ~

  • At the beginning of each new month, trace the name of the month, the year, and color the focus picture.
  • Each new day, trace the number and talk about what day it is.
  • Practice counting each day up to the date.
  • Use 2 or 3 colors to write in each month to create a pattern.
  • At the beginning of each month go through and mark the special days {holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or anything your family celebrates}.  Have your child decorate those special dates so you can look forward to them!

Learning ideas to go along with the dot fun printables ~

  • At the beginning of each new month, color the focus picture. If your child doesn’t like to color, color together…make it fun!
  • Each new day, dot paint the day, or use a dot sticker and talk about what day it is.
  • Practice counting each day up to the date.
  • Use 2 or 3 colors to create a pattern.

Don’t have Dot Paint {or don’t want to be messy with little ones}?  Use Dot Stickers instead!

Get your Calendar Notebook covers here


Looking for more calendar fun?

Add these printables to our Calendar Notebook printables!


Here’s one set up for homeschool calendar time we have had.  Lots of free printables!


Here’s our Calendar Connections for more fun learning!


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Final Day to Build Your Bundle 2020

This sale is now over.


As the Build Your Bundle sale comes to a close today {5/18/20} I wanted to share some stats with you and a peek inside of one more of my very favorite products! This sale is such a great way to get your hands on some amazing resources for homeschooling at such a LOW price.

In case you missed my first posts about BYB, see What I Bought here, and our Preschool and Kindergarten Favorites here!



First, here is the list of the TOP TEN products people have been adding to their Build Your Own Bundles

  1. Drawing Around the World: USA  <– I bought this!
  2. Nature Study Hacking: TREES
  3. Nature Study Hacking: INSECTS
  4. Presidential Election Fact Pack
  5. MATH ART: Daily “Math for Fun” bite-sized activities
  6. How to Write Poetry <– featured as a TOP pick of mine here!
  7. Navigation, Maps, and Finding Your Way
  8. Meal Planning for Kids
  9. Drawing Around the World: Europe <– I bought this!
  10. Anatomy Of Animals Notebooking Pages



These are the TOP FIVE selling bundles.

  1. Preschool
  2. Mystery Bundle
  3. Kindergarten <– Fun With Shapes from 1+1+1=1 is in this bundle!
  4. American Studies
  5. Learning to Read



I am in love with Drawing Around Europe and Drawing Around the USA. I bought both of these and they will be perfect companions for my future studies with my kids! We study the USA frequently and it pairs well with my USA State by State printables. I will pair Drawing Around Europe with my EUROPE Country by Country, which we plan to use next year {we personally used Africa and Asia this year}

With Drawing Around the World USA, each week students study one or more new states. As they do so, they become familiar with the shape of the new states by tracing them, locating them on a map, and labeling them.



One of the most popular bundles is back! The Mystery Bundle is a “secret”, but I can tell you a tiny bit about it! You will get 2 history products, a math resource, 3 science products, language arts, fine arts, and more! Perfect for elementary ages!

You’ll find resources from The Crafty Classroom, Brookdale House, Learn in Color LLC, Enrichment Studies, EdZone Publishing, and more!

I don’t know what products are in it but I DO KNOW that 4 of my favorite publishers have items included –

Learn In Color {contributed my favorite overall product from 2019 BYB, and one I bought this year},

The Crafty Classroom {author of Building Bricks, featured as a top pick this year},

Brookdale House {author of my favorite overall product this year, see above!},

and EdZone Publishing {author of How To Write Poetry, featured as a top pick this year}!


Remember, May 18, 2020 is the LAST day to shop this sale. Be sure to peek to be sure there isn’t anything you could use for your homeschooling! Shop here!