Earth Science Printables – Rocks


In these new free science printables you’ll find the rock cycle, different categories of rocks with photographs, and printable rock cards.  Also included is a page with links to videos and lessons featuring rocks!


In addition to the new set all about rocks, you’ll find printables for  States of Matter, Atoms, Scientific ClassificationPlant Cells, and Photosynthesis!

6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices, Round 2

My daughter is 11 and going into 6th grade this year. Below are the 6th grade homeschool curriculum choices we have made for her! Changes may come, but this is the plan for now!

Curious to see what she did in the past?

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6th Grade Subjects

We will not be doing all of these every day. Follow along with us and I will share throughout the year so you can see how it all fits in!

The list is long, but not all of these are essentials. She won’t do all of these every day!

The Visual Version



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