Letter of the Week Review Worksheets

The kids I am teaching are working on letter identification and beginning sounds. You can see our Kindergarten homeschool plans here! I created this review activity for them to review the letters we are learning. You can see all of our posts featuring this adventure here!

I wanted something that focuses on one letter at a time, with simple activities for a young child to complete. These could be used for review, morning work, homework {if you are a classroom teacher}, or as a part of your overall literacy program to work on identifying letters and the sounds they make.

Below you can see the Letter A page. Children will complete the following activities:

  • color lowercase letters one color and uppercase another color
  • read words that begin with the letter
  • circle items that begin with the letter {you can fold the page if you don’t want them looking above, but the images above build confidence by allowing this to be self-correcting as they refer back to the list}
  • trace the letters with green {go} and red {stop} to help with how to write the letter.
  • write the upper and lowercase letter {just once – since this isn’t meant to be a repetitive overwhelming worksheet}

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on the full A to Z set!

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Letter K Learning in Action

I am teaching young children again! Not my own children this time, but the children of a very good friend. See our original post about this new adventure here. Each week I plan to share our plans, which I did for week 11 {letter K} here, and I also plan to share after our week is done so you can see my students in action!

Looking for Past Weeks?

I am excited to share all about our eleventh week together, with a focus on the LETTER K!! In addition to a letter focus each week I am using All About Reading Pre-Reading with them. Since I only have my students two days a week, we cram a lot into a short time! I also provide their parents with activities to do at home.


Letter K Fun

We enjoyed several different activities, most from my site! I will link everything we used below!

Everything shown in this collage is included with our Ultimate PreK & Kindergarten @ Home Membership – which is the best way to get your hands on everything we offer, see the cost savings here!

Below you can see AK and Ki doing the following activities:


I also really love the Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle and the Alphabet Curriculum Bundle from Crafty Classroom! The kids enjoyed the following activities this week:

  • Find Letter Kk
  • Dab & Read Letter K

Raising Lil Rock Stars Letter K

I didn’t get any action photos, or even a shot of our display board, but we enjoyed the verse bracelets, and tracing pages this week.

Letter K Toys & Puzzles

I love setting up fun letter displays and playing with the items. See more ideas here! I completely forgot to take a photo of our Letter K set-up.

The kids enjoy playing with the toys and reading the books. Another hands-on activity I have them do is bring in objects from home that begin with the letter we are studying. Each week I take a photo of them with the objects they bring in and then I edit it and we have a photo album of each letter! Here’s their letter K photo:

Another activity we do each week is a beginning sound sort using our tiny objects. See more about this here! Each week we begin by sorting our new sound with a sound we have already learned. I put out a few objects that begin with each letter and they take turns sorting.

Letter K Books

We read tons of books featuring the Letter I! See all of our Letter K book ideas here!


Free Play

While I work with one child, the other has “rug time” which is basically reading books or playing with toys on the rug! This works well and allows me some one on one time with each of them. After we finish they enjoy some rug time together. My daughter often joins them during this time, which they LOVE! Below you can see them playing with {aff link} Magformers.