Blog Buddies

Would you believe I had the joy of seeing my great blogging buddy Jolanthe again? Yup, and I even got to meet her 4 adorable kiddos and her husband, see her home, and sleep over!!!! She lives half way in between our house and where we go down south, and we have been talking about doing this for a long time and it finally worked out!

Our kids were instant friends and they all just played and played! Soon after we got there she made snowball snacks with the kids {see The Mitten post here}.IMG_8841

You can see Krash was pretty excited about this activity!IMG_8847

Pac Man fit right in, as he is right between Jolanthe’s daughters. IMG_5706IMG_5705

Ladybug was VERY popular with all 4 of her kids, but especially Laurianna, the oldest. It was so cute when we walked in, she ran right up to my husband who was holding Ladybug and swooped her out of his arms and began loving on her ~ precious! Ladybug was pretty fond of Laurianna too.IMG_8879

Jolanthe cooked us a great meal {see recipe here} and I pretended to help her in the kitchen 😉IMG_5673

After the kids went to bed we all (husbands and wives) played a little Wii together and laughed for hours. We all got along SO well, what a blessing for God to bring 2 families together like this!IMG_5716

We left the next morning early and all were sad to part ways. The good news, we plan to swing through again and again and we hope they will come up here with all of the kids too!IMG_5727 God has united a real, awesome friendship of 2 families through blogging, YAY GOD!