Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 14.5 months old~

Learning Toys

Ladybug loves the Wedgits even more than Krash does!!! I am showing her bit by bit, how they fit into one another. She loves to put the white ones into the green ones!IMG_2476

We got out her stacking bowls and I showed her how to stack them in order. She had fun copying me and stacking them herself ;-).IMG_2608Then I gave her some unifex cubes to put in them and she loved that! We counted, named colors and giggled a lot!IMG_2618

I switched out her magnet set on the dishwasher to our Leapfrog sets and she loves them!!!!


She continued to play with her magnetic dress up doll, I added in the magnetic chalkboard for her to put the pieces on, she loved it!


Her beloved brothers came home this past Friday and brought K’s old Leapfrog table with them {it was at my parents’ house}. Now that she is a standing champ, she loved it!IMG_2783

We play ball a lot, this particular time she was “loving the ball” soo cute!IMG_2724

She continues to LOVE books!!! I continue to watch her when she reads ;-).IMG_2736


Life SchoolMy little standing machine!!!IMG_2704

I got some shots of her enjoying Elmo 😉IMG_2454





Moms FavoriteRare shots with me in them 😉



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