Winter Sensory/Imagination Bin

Winter Fun Sensory Bin


My kids had SO much fun with the Christmas Sensory/Imagination Bin, I couldn’t wait to get the winter bin ready for them!!!


I decided to go with a white/silver/blue color theme and just threw in anything interesting I could find.  Here’s what I have so far…

  • white packing peanuts
  • white beads
  • white pom poms
  • silver plastic ornaments {got last week at Target, $1 section}
  • mini snowmen & penguins {from Michaels}
  • mini snowmen and penguin erasers {Michaels}
  • mini snowflakes and white stars {Michaels}
  • mini snowman tin, and other wintery buckets {Michaels, and Target}}
  • small snowmen {one is a Weeble-Wobble and one is from a Little People winter set}
  • clear and white lids {from our bottle top collection}
  • clear and blue lights {from the Christmas pack, also from Michaels}
  • penguins {1 stuffed, 1 Animalz, 1 Little People, 1 plastic, 1 pez container}
  • polar bears {Little People, Anamalz}
  • Pengaloo Penguins {we love this game!}
  • silver garland {got it for 25 cents last week at 75% off Target dollar spot!}
  • winter stuffed animals {I gathered our polar bears, penguins, and seals to have close by as they play}
  • large snowman bowl {I bring this out to play alongside of the bin, it’s obviously too big to put in the bin}

Here’s a glimpse at our winter bin in action {these photos are from 2 different days}…IMG_4363






I think the penguins were kissing 😉IMG_4388

She wasn’t so sure about the tinsel…IMG_4623

Spontaneous sorting makes a momma happy…

IMG_4626 IMG_4656

I plan to use our bin as the focus of our Tot School time, using the various manipulatives as items to work on Tot Tray type activities.  I plan to bring in different containers, spoons, tongs, etc. each day to work on different skills.  I also plan to add anything new “wintery” I find while it is still in rotation!This may just be the new relaxed approach I am seeking for Tot School right now as I am having a hard time balancing detailed plans for all 3 kids.  We’ll see!


Here are some blog posts I found featuring other winter sensory bins…


Have Fun!!IMG_4637