Tot School ~ 22 months

~Ladybug is currently 22 months old~


We had a great week, although she was mildly sick and whiney for most of it, we still played a LOT!  Our schedule is still way off, so we just took each day as it came.  I am praying for a completely well house filled with spring air soon!  😉


Blokus, fun for little fingers…IMG_7645


Stickers {the girls LOVES stickers}…IMG_7646


Sorting pegs by color {1st time she stacked AND sorted like this}…IMG_7648


LOVED this ABC puzzle {from $1 Target awhile ago}IMG_7665


Found K’s rocket tracing sheets and colored on the over, and over, and over again!IMG_7575



Stacking Pegs in a line…IMG_7682


LOVED this felt board my mom got the kids to go with our Outer Space theme {it is Creatology from Michaels}

IMG_7708 IMG_7711


More stickers…IMG_7766


Loving the singing Happy Birthday card {that is about 3 years old and all of the kids love it still}



Dress Up time {our exact outfit is from Toys R Us I think}!!

IMG_7805   IMG_7799

I can’t believe she let me put the whole outfit on her!!!!



Of course, lots of readingIMG_7854


& Puzzles…IMG_7867




Helping me do laundry…

IMG_7749   IMG_7753

During her exceptionally whiney sick moments, she was loaded into the bean bag chair with her blankee and hooked up with a lovely learning DVD.  Here she is signing more to ask me to watch Baby Signing Time again.IMG_7527


Moms Favorite

This shot cracks me up.  She insisted on wearing her black shoes with her jammies.  I had just taken her piggy tails down and put in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face and the rest stuck out like wings.  She as not too thrilled with me for wanting to document her extreme sense of fashion.



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