Tot School ~ 23 Months

~Ladybug is currently 23 months old~

We had a busy Tot School week!  I was so glad to be home and was reenergized for a full week.  Plus, Ladybug isn’t sick anymore, so she was ready too!  We had a fabulous week!


Learning Toys

This alphabet train {but we lost the train} was given to us years ago and I just pulled it out of storage for Ladybug and she LOVES it!  So do the boys, they have all played with it so much this week!IMG_8673


She mastered the Beginner Pattern Block Puzzles the first time she worked with them, but she still loves them {obviously Krash does too!}.  Personally I love her bedhead!IMG_8681


We used our Rainbow Blocks and our Farm Block Mates to make animals and feeding troughs, which she loved.  You can see our full review here and enter the GIVEAWAY for the Farm Block Mates too!IMG_8686


Her favorite thing to do with our foam blocks is this.  She dumps them out, rolls around in them and giggles hysterically!IMG_8719


Linking {with help} the Learning Links and showing me…IMG_8734


Still in LOVE with McQueen, and now she loves the movie too!  She found this drawing book and was SO excited as you can see!IMG_8786 IMG_8790


Mickey is still pretty popular with her too, and she adores the Mickey Airplane.  She loves filling it up {the seat opens} and pushing it around…IMG_8799


She saw this fuzzy coloring set on my desk and begged to do it, how could I say no {even though it was intended for Krash}.

IMG_8819  IMG_8823


We worked with Pattern Blocks and Boards a lot this week, mostly because Krash LOVES them.  Ladybug loves to help me!IMG_8887


My little puzzle master at work…IMG_8979IMG_9099


She still loves to do the sorting this way…IMG_8985


We are reviewing Interlox from Guidecraft soon and the kids have begun their “review play” and LOVE them!  Ladybug is flying her “butterfly” around here…IMG_9109


There’s even LOTS more!  I have something new to share very soon and I am really excited to share with you.  Ladybug has been busy with something brand new I am creating this past week.  If you follow me on Facebook, you heard about it there! Here is a sneak peek…homeschool

Stay tuned, I will be sharing in great detail coming soon {hopefully early this week}!




Ladybug is still loving the PowerPoint shows these days!  She continues to ask me to watch the counting show!  Having the new table seat for Tot School {it’s hooked to the wing of my desk} has really been great for everything, but I LOVE it for the PowerPoint shows!

I couldn’t get a photo of them and the screen, so here’s them and what they were watching together!

IMG_8990  IMG_8989

Another shot from another day when she was joyfully counting with me while sitting in her seat and watching the show…IMG_9154

Here you can see how much she enjoys it!



It finally warmed up for a few days and we enjoyed hanging out outdoors a lot!  Ladybug is getting more and more brave with her walking and exploring!!

IMG_9176   IMG_9026


Someone gave us this awesome Step 2 Roller Coaster, which all 3 kids can ride and LOVE, Ladybug has now found a joy in walking up the coaster ramp and “running” down with help!

IMG_9201   IMG_9212



Moms Favorite

How could this not be my favorite?IMG_8777


This Weeks Tools

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