Tot School ~ At the Beach

~Ladybug is currently 26.5 months old~


It’s all fun LIFE school at the beach! Here’s a glimpse into Ladybug’s fun on vacation this past week…


Our girl read every page of EVERY magazine we had. She was a riot!!!!IMG_8790_thumb[1]

Her cousins {girls ages 11 & 14} painted her toenails and finger nails for the very first time and she LOVED every minute of it!!!

IMG_8905_thumb[1] IMG_8875_thumb[2]




IMG_9165_thumb[2] IMG_9157_thumb[1]

She loved the little crab we found!!!IMG_9175_thumb[1]



It wasn’t all fun and games for her, there was actually a lot of whining and screaming some days!


Our annual beach portraits {which I take-not so easy when I need to be in them}. THis year a sweet teenager saw us and offered to snap the shutter on the tripod for us and they turned out great!IMG_9529_thumb[1]

This is my husband’s family {his sis is on the far right in the blue}…IMG_9548_thumb[1]

The best shot of the day, my girl and her spunk. She was NOT having the sibling showcase of love shot.IMG_9626_thumb[2]

It was such a wonderful week and I wish I could say I am glad to be back—but I am not. I didn’t want it to end. Not all vacations are wonderful but this one was. It seems every vacation we have taken this past year has been wonderful, for that we are so blessed. Maybe it’s the kids being a bit older-or maybe I am relaxing and enjoying life more in my older age!!!

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