Navigational Help

I know many who arrive at my blog for the first time are very overwhelmed by the amount here, honestly I am too at times!  I try to organize topics/posts/etc. as well as I can, but I know it is still hard so I am always trying to make it easier for visitors-especially those of you who are new.  Recently, I updated my blog header to include new social networking buttons {adding Pinterest, and Google +}, and a more recent photo.   


I also added this section on my upper right sidebar…image

I am hoping that the specific “about” and “faq” buttons will make those areas easier to find.  I also updated my About/Welcome section, so hopefully there is more there now to help with navigation.


A few other sidebar items of interest:

I have a Google Translate button now.  I know the translations aren’t always perfect, but maybe this will help someone a bit. The button is located right above my Sponsor section.


I also have a search tool, which has been there for a long time, but might be missed.  Even I use my own search tool and can often find exactly what I am looking for with just a key word or 2!  The search box is located right below the Sponsor section.