12 Days of Christmas ~ Christmas Fun Notebooks

I made my children some Christmas Fun Notebooks for them to work through over the next few weeks.  The idea stemmed from Ladybug’s Tot Time Notebook, but I thought the boys might like a special notebook too and I was right! Christmas Activity Notebooks

I filled each child’s notebook {1/2” 3 ring binder} with fun activities based on their skill level and interests. I use heavy weight sheet protectors and only Expo dry erase markers and everything erases with very little effort-even Ladybug can erase her own notebook.  I made a pdf file of the image on the cover in various stocking colors for you to download if you’d like to use it also!  Just pick a color for each child, print and write in their name {or have the child write their own name}.

Download Stocking Covers here!

Ladybug’s has the A-Z Christmas sheets, and a few pages from the Nativity Printable Pack

Christmas Activity Notebooks

Christmas Activity Notebooks

I printed loads of fun worksheets from Activity Village for Krash and Pac Man, also some from Family Fun.  The boys love mazes so many of those! You can see many of the sheets I printed pinned on my Christmas pinterest board!

Here’s a very easy place to gather free Christmas printables for your notebooks…



Specifically for Krash, I prepared a few of the wonderful games from Walking by the Way’s holiday game packs.  I put them in his notebook so he can flip through and choose one for us to play!  He also has several sheets form the Nativity Printable Pack.Christmas Activity Notebooks

These notebooks have gone over VERY well, and took little effort to create.  I may be using this concept more with themes in the future for the little 2.  Much cheaper than laminating and printing over and over again!