Tot School ~ Merry Christmas!

~Ladybug is currently 32 months old~


We are enjoying some down time after a busy few days of celebrating with family.  We pray you all had a wonderful time celebrating too!  Ours has been a bit busy and off.  Many details behind the scenes have made this a year that has gone not-as-expected.  We have learned to make the most of what we have been given and not to dwell to much on expectations not being met.  We are grateful for so many wonderful blessings, it is hard to get too upset about details that really don’t matter.  One of our surprises this year was Daddy getting sick with a very high fever on Christmas Eve and spending almost the entire evening in bed and much of Christmas Day {he is recovering now}. 


Years ago I would have been an emotional mess but thankfully God has brought me to a place of peace in dealing with unmet expectations.

A few of Ladybug’s gifts…

image  image  image 

image  image

The magnetic pattern blocks have been on my wish list for awhile now!  Scrabble Alphabet Scoop is more for manipulative fun at this stage.  She was so excited about the cardboard house to color on and has played with Minnie many times already {I love the Minnie set, if you have a Minnie fan-it’s SO cute!!}  The color changing cars are awesome for fine motor skills, She has already spent about an hour “painting” them with water!IMG_8918

She also got many books and a few coloring books, which she loved!

Did your tot receive any fun Tot School tools?  Feel free to share gifts your tot got if you don’t have a normal Tot School post to link up!  Did you do anything fun with your tot to make the holiday more meaningful?  Feel free to share and link up!


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