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I saw “snow paint” on Pinterest here for the first time and pinned it.  I finally got white shaving cream and one day just decided to go for it!  The entire project was a 2 day deal, one day for the painting, one for the building of the snowmen.

What you need:

  • white shaving cream
  • white glue
  • tempera paint {if colors are desired}
  • craft cups, or bowls for the paint mixture
  • paintbrushes
  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • paper towels, or something to wipe messes and lay under the painting area.
  • trays if you plan to let the kids play in the cream when they are done painting!
  • items to decorate snowmen {glue gun if you have one}: pipe cleaners, twigs, beans, pom poms, buttons, string, etc.
  • PATIENCE…especially if you include a toddler in this process. 

First, I cut circles out of white cardstock for the little 2, and Pac Man cut his own, using kitchen bowls to trace as templates.

We mixed the shaving cream and glue together, I didn’t measure at all, just put a little of both and stirred it up!  I used disposable craft cups.

I let each child choose if they wanted to leave their snow paint white, or add a color to it.  They all chose to add colors.  A little glob of paint made for a pretty pastel color.

I let each of them go at it and have fun painting however they want.  IMG_0565

They loved seeing how this paint made “mountains,” it was really cool!IMG_0575

We laid them all aside to dry and then the real fun began.  I gave each child a tray and squirted some shaving cream onto it and told them to have fun.  Boy, did they ever have fun!IMG_0578



The next day, after the paint had dried, we got busy creating snowmen!  We just taped the circles together {from the back} and I put out an assortment of goodies for the children to add as they wished.IMG_0682

Ladybug was insistent on her snowman having a sad mouth…IMG_0681

I needed to use my glue gun to keep a few things on.  The white glue wasn’t cutting it for the heavier items.  Krash added twigs to his-going out to get them in the middle of it all!  Here are the finished snow painted snowmen



Be prepared, once you show your tot shaving cream fun, s/he may bug about doing every moment form then on!  Ladybug begged me to “paint the tray white” again that night, so I let her! She was occupied for almost an hour!IMG_0664

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