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I get asked a lot about how I find the free apps.  I have a few methods and it is just a part of my routine now to check these things.  First, I use App Shopper, you can read about App Shopper here on my blog.  For example, here is the price history for Stella and Sam, you can see how great of a deal this freebie is, as it hasn’t been free since Sept 2011!  imageApp Shopper is my go to source for finding the price drops, I have all of the apps I own loaded in so I can notify you of price drops on apps I love.  I also have a wishlist so I will see notifications of price drops!

I also use an app called Apps Gone Free, occasionally they have kid friendly apps in there!

I also follow the app companies on Facebook, so their freebie alerts show up in my stream, they often will giveaway codes on their FB pages {those go fast though}.  A sampling of who I follow: Spinlight Studio, Apps by Auryn, OM Books, Toca Boca, L’Escapadou, Ellie’s Games, Duck Duck Moose, Ruckus Media Group.

I follow General App sites on Facebook too: Moms with Apps, iPhone Mom, Smart Apps for Kids, Fun Educational Apps, are a few.

If I find a freebie via another site, I always give a shout out to who posted it first that I saw in my FB stream, I highly recommend doing this if you find and share freebies too!

If you don’t want to do all that I do, feel free to follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my blog {I normally share app find on FB, but if I find a few I will put them in a post like this}, I always try to notify my readers of any freebies I find!