Tot School Letter Hh

~Ladybug is currently 35.5 months old~


We started Letter H this week, but did not come close to getting even half of our activities done, so I will continue with Hippo week until we finish!  This is a good thing because I lost almost all of our hippo photos, including our shaving cream spa and painting!!! Sad smile  When I went to find them, they weren’t there, I must have formatted the card without saving, not sure at ALL how I did that.  I lost many of our other school photos too.

Here is one hippo shot I found, of the hippos swimming in the water beads.IMG_3369


I had lots of toys set up, her favorite was one of the most simple trays I created-a little bucket filled with random dice and an empty container.IMG_3321

IMG_3333 IMG_3334

Lining them up and counting…IMG_3336



She loves this ABC puzzle just as much as Krash did.  She did it several times this week!IMG_3344

Techy Tot

We have added MANY new books to our iPad book collection, the new recent FAVORITE is our Little Critter Set.  My kids have always loved Little Critter books and now to have 10 of the books in this set!  I am really getting into the digital books thing, although it has taken me awhile to jump on board.  I love that they can have the book read to them, or I can read it.  IMG_3545

Other recent favorites have been the Miko books from Apps By Auryn.  The kids just love this little mouse!  See more iPad Apps we love here!

Life School

We went camping together on Thurs and Friday nights!  It was chilly but wonderful.  Ladybug LOVED it, she is such an outdoorsy kid.


She loved the unlimited time with her Daddy!


IMG_3938  IMG_3984

The leaves were a BIG hit!IMG_4067

Our new kitty came wit us, Ladybug bonded with her and it was just so sweet to watch,

IMG_4198 IMG_4215

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