2:1 Conference

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As many of you may know, I was blessed to be a part of the first 2:1 Conference recently!  This was a shot of the speaking team {more speakers here}, you probably recognize many of the faces, or at least mine, can you find me?



I partnered with my friend Jolanthe, to lead a breakout session about organization and planning.  I will be turning my portion of the session into a blog post in the {hopefully} near future!carisajolanthe


Much of my Totally Tots writing team was there, which is oh so much fun.  These ladies are truly friends and I love hanging out with them! Jodi, Maureen, Jolanthe, and Sara-I love you guys!


I even got to meet a few blog pals that I had never met in real life before.  Here’s me and Kelly582833_336112403122320_100001706889125_894605_300970389_n

The conference was wonderful, I am grateful for the many opportunities I had while there.  One of the best was attending a breakout session led by Rachael Carman from Apologia.  It was about homeschooling your HIGH schooler!  Why did I choose that session?  I am terrified of teaching home high school and knew I needed about 5 years to gear myself up for the challenge!  I walked out of that session feeling like I COULD definitely do it, thank you Rachael!