Newsletter Subscriber Freebies

Those of you who have been around awhile may remember my Facebook Fan Freebies. I had the Animal Dot Fun & Let’s Trace Numbers.  Well, the app I used to display the freebies disappeared all of the sudden and I lost all of the data I had created to display those on my Facebook page. Since I am not thrilled with the direction Facebook has taken {mostly due to the lack of followers actually seeing updates}, I decided to go back and convert all of my former Facebook Fan Freebies to Newsletter Subscriber Freebies!  I also added in the Baby Animal Calendar Connections set since I never got around to adding it to my Teacher’s Notebook Shop and a few people have asked about it. Here’s what all of my Newsletter Subscribers will receive {in one email}…

Animal-ABC-Dot-Fun-Extra-Animals  Let's Trace Numbers Freebie  Calendar-Connections-Baby-Animals

If you are already signed up {for the newsletter}, you should already have the email {I set it to go out to all past and new subscribers}.  If you need to search your email the title is “Newsletter Subscriber Freebies from 1+1+1=1.”

If you are not a newsletter subscriber yet, you can sign up here! You will receive a welcome email immediately after you confirm your subscription, and then the freebie email.  They are separate.

Confused about what in the world you are or aren’t subscribed to?  Click here for all of the details. Main detail: the BLOG FEED email is not the same as the newsletter.  The newsletter is a once a month{ish} thing, the blog feed email is just a duplicate of any blog posts I post {3-6 times per week}.

Thanks for being a part of my online community and sorry for all of you who went looking for these via Facebook, I apologize for the inconvenience of them not being there and taking so long to fix it!