Scripture Lullabies

Scripture Lullabies

We have LOVED Scripture Lullabies for awhile now.  I stumbled across the music years ago while online, I don’t even remember where I saw it first, but I downloaded it and have loved it since!  Volume II came out this past year and I am thrilled to have more of this beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and Biblical music!

Here’s a video of my absolute favorite song on Volume 1 {if you can’t see the video, click here}…

"Be Still and Know" from Scripture Lullabies from Scripture Lullabies on Vimeo.

Don’t let the name lullabies fool you, I listen to this music myself even more than my kids do!  It is honestly the most relaxing music I have on my iPod, and it is all scriptural! Ladybug loves to dance ballet to this soft music and we all listen to it during quiet times and when we need a bit more peace and GOD!

Here’s one of our Instagram moments, when Ladybug was dancing her heart out to this music…

Dancing to Scripture Lullabies


Directly from Scripture Lullabies ~

This powerfully peaceful music is helping children sleep soundly, free from nightmares, while also providing some much needed peace for mom and dad. It’s the perfect baby gift but as you listen, you’ll understand why so many adults are buying their own copy or several to give as gifts to friends and family members. 

One out of every 10 "Hidden In My Heart" CDs is donated to Pregnancy Resource centers around the country so by purchasing this CD, our customers are blessing more than just their own family!

Scripture Lullabies is a blog sponsor and provided me with a copy of Volume 2 to enjoy and also with a bundle containing Volume 1 and 2 for one of you! They have also given my readers a discount code, which you can use on their website.

Enter code: 1PLUS1 to save 15%!

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You can download a FREE song to try out too, just look for this on the top of their website


Giveaway is for both Volume 1 and 2, either actual CD or digital download.  CDs are only available for US residents, digital downloads are available worldwide. Giveaway ends 5/13/13. Use Rafflecopter to enter below, if you don’t see the widget, be sure you are viewing on the actual blog and not RSS or email!

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