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This sale is now over.

Omnibus 2013


So, I bought my own copy of the 2013 Homeschool Omnibus bundle last night and have been downloading and looking through the many resources I didn’t already own!  What a blessing!

I somehow missed a few favorites when I first glanced at the list, I just realized that You Can Do It Too! is included!  This is the eBook I contributed to!  We also have Discover Africa, and will be using it later in the year for our Africa Continent Box!  My friend Maureen’s Nature Study Printables for Preschoolers is fantastic, we already had that one too! I have just begun glancing through Through the Seasons with Chalk Pastels, Homeschooling 101, and Sensory Bins.  These look like awesome resources along with the 85 other resources included in the bundle this year!  There are so many on my list to browse through soon!

See all of the other 85 ebooks included here

This sale is now over.


See my original post here, it has more details!