The Sparkle Box ~ a Tradition of Giving

The Sparkle Box

Last year we started a new tradition, based on an amazing book I stumbled upon, The Sparkle Box. You can read all about the plan here in our Christmas Gifts for Jesus post from last year.  We are looking forward to doing this again and I wanted to share in plenty of time in case anyone else wants to give it a try this year!

Christmas Gifts for Jesus


It ended up being a fabulous experience for our family, but it did NOT start out that way.  My sweet little Ladybug was devastated that the World Vision catalog we looked through wasn’t a toy catalog! See how her sadness turned to pure joy on the day I introduced the idea to my kids last year.

The Sparkle Box-5038 The Sparkle Box-5051


All month long we collected money in secret, nobody knew what anyone else had put in or how much we would end up with.  It was exciting for the kids and for us in the weeks leading to Christmas day.

On Christmas Day we counted the money, see our post, What We Gave to Jesus for Christmas to read how it went!

Sparkle Box-5828


All you need to duplicate this idea in your home is the book and the box! When you order the book, it comes with the box inside! As a family decide how you will use the box.  We came up with our own idea, the book idea is about acts of kindness, not collecting money.  The book can be used to launch some great discussion about what your family and children can do! See The Sparkle Box website here for even more ideas and inspiration!

The Sparkle Box

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