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We were given Home Art Studio to review over a year ago and are still using it! It is a great home art curriculum, we are happy to have it! This lesson, creating a peacock, is from the 1st grade DVD, which I chose to just do with Krash instead of all of the kids.  I need to save my sanity.

On day 1, he watched the DVD lesson, which taught him not only the art procedure, but also about peafowl.  He learned that only the males are called peacocks!

We then went to the table where he drew his outlines and painted the base of the peacock.

We did experience a minor setback, as all of my kids struggle when they can’t draw as well as the teacher. He had a bit of a breakdown which resulted in a hug and some pep talking from me.

Home Art Studio Peacock -3167

He wanted to start over and I let him.  He wasn’t completely thrilled with his second drawing either but was able to accept it and have fun from that point on. 

Home Art Studio Peacock -3171

Home Art Studio Peacock -3180

On the second day, he added the stripes, eye, and circles.

2nd Grade Homeschool -3250

2nd Grade Homeschool -3254

One lovely peacock! He was happy with the end result, and I am glad he stuck with it, I love his peacock!

Home Art Studio Peacock Lesson

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