A Super Fun Drawing Game

Pick and Draw

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Years ago we reviewed Pick and Draw.  We loved it then, but honestly it got buried in our game closet and hasn’t come out much.  That all changed when I brought it to the camper with us one weekend recently and introduced it to Ladybug for the first time.  Instant LOVE, it was perfect for her!

I have shared the game several times on Instagram, and had people ask about it, which prompted this post.  Here’s the posts that have been shared recently, you can click on the images to see them on Instagram.

image  image  image


I can’t even count how many rounds we played the first time I showed her the game. I had to make her stop!

Camping Fun -8767


You can read how to play the game here on the website, it’s really simple and non competitive.  It is creative and fun. how_sidebar


You get a face, nose, eyes, mouth, and hair and draw each part one at a time to develop a really funny character when you are done!

Camping Fun -8757


Here’s a few of my oldest son’s drawings…

Camping Fun -8766


Once it was a hit at the camper, it became a regular hit at home.

Pick and Draw -8787

Pick and Draw -8794

Pick and Draw -8795


We even brought it to the beach with us and introduced it to the cousins!  It was a big hit there too, bringing them all together in a fun but simple way.

Pick and Draw -8862

Thanks to Rich, who developed Pick and Draw, for sending this game to us years ago!

You can buy your own Pick and Draw game here!