Lately in Our Life ~ Moving, Gymnastics, and Finding a New Normal

I love Instagram.  What started as a way for me to connect with my mom when she lived ten hours away has turned into much more.  It has become a digital scrapbook, a great way to look back.  It’s also a way to connect with my blog readers, to give you a peek into our normal life. 

I thought it would be neat to scroll through my Instagram account and use that as a springboard to share more of our behind the scenes life.  I have gotten away from a lot of personal blogging and I miss the connections.  While trying to think of a way to connect, this idea came to my mind. I hope to share a bit of what’s been going on lately in our life each week.

Here’s what’s been going on lately with our family…

Lately in our Life January 2015



We Moved

The big story lately ~ we moved. From the northeast to the southeast. We are now close to our family again {my parents and my husband’s family}.  We don’t live exactly where we were originally from, but about an hour away. It’s much closer than ten hours and we are happy God led us back down south.  With the south has come warmer winter days.  On average it’s 5-10 degrees warmer here, but for a few days in December it was almost 20 degrees warmer than our old home! My kids were VERY excited about that!

Lately in Our Life -2772


A bonus we gained with this move, a yard.  Our old yard was teeny tiny and mostly concrete {in the inner city}.  We now have almost 2 acres, and a riding lawn mower.  And a 12 year old who now knows how to use it.

Lately in Our Life -3049

A month later, I still walk outside and stand in awe.  After almost 11 years without land we are all greatly appreciative of this amazing and large space. 

Lately in Our Life -3020

Our new space explains two of the gifts our children got for Christmas.  PacMan got a bow, and the 3 kids got a trampoline!  Needless to say, life is much different with all of this outdoor activity, we are so thankful!

Lately in Our Life -3210  Lately in Our Life -3213

Lately in Our Life -3231



A New Gym

Another part of our move is Krash competing with a new gym.  We LOVE it and he does too.  Within a week of being here he gained skills he had been trying for months.  I shared the day he got his round off back handspring and then soon after that he was doing two! He had his first competition in December and although he wasn’t completely ready due to so much transition, he rocked it!  The highlight was getting first on pommel horse in his age group! His progress is awesome and we are so thankful for his new gym. He loves this sport and it is a joy to go through this journey with him.

Lately in Our Life -2877  Lately in Our Life -2835



Recovery Continues

My husband continues to recover from his accident {he fell off of a ladder in October and broke both legs}. Establishing new doctors and therapists down here hasn’t been the easiest transition, but finally we have things in place to continue his recovery. Crutches and a wheelchair are still a part of our life. Our “new normal” will be this way for at least two more months we guess.  Then, once he begins fully walking again we will find another new normal!

For now, as we meander through the current normal, we are grateful he is alive and recovering.  Having him stand with us for our family Christmas picture was awesome {even if his crutches were sitting right next to him and he was leaning on me!}.  And yes, my oldest baby is now taller than his momma.

Lately in Our Life -3155


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