Owl Opposites Flashcards ~ Free Printable

There are so many fun ways to teach opposites and when I saw this adorable owl opposite clipart I knew I had to create printables for you!  I have a series of printables featuring our Owl Opposites friends coming your way, so be sure to subscribe so you don’ miss any!

Owl Opposites Flashcards Printable

First, I have a basic set of owl opposites flashcards.  Print these, laminate, cut out and keep as a reference set for all of the other activities to come! I scaled mine down and printed them all on one page to make a mini set.  See how to scale down a PDF file here to print multiple per page.

Owl Opposites -0458

There are 16 different flashcards in this set…

  • short/tall
  • hot/cold
  • slow/fast
  • white/black
  • big/small
  • clean/dirty
  • more/less
  • dry/wet
  • same/different
  • light/heavy
  • low/high
  • hard/soft
  • short/long
  • front/back
  • empty/full
  • weak/strong

I attached my cards with a metal ring so they stay together!

Owl Opposites -0476


Opposites are a great thing to expose young children to, choose a few if you have a toddler or preschooler and add more as they are mastered. Don’t bring them all out at once, gradually build up! We have many more owl opposites activities coming soon, so you’ll get many more ideas on how to have fun teaching opposites!


Download your free Owl Opposites Flashcards here!

Owl Opposites Flashcards