Lately in Our Life ~ All Around Champ, Ecuador & Simple

Lately in Our Life Nov. 2015


All Around Champ!

The new gymnastics season has begun and we have one VERY HAPPY boy!  He is competing at a new level this year {6} and felt totally prepared for his first meet which was in November.  Well, I suppose he was prepared since he WON!  This was his very first 1st All Around place and he was so excited!  He also took first on rings, pommel and floor! We are excited for his second meet in about a week!

Gym Meet-9911 Gym Meet-9972 Gym Meet-9940



I recently went on an incredible trip thanks to my awesome friend Jodi. You probably already know that I love Young Living and might know that Jodi is the one that got me hooked many years ago. Well, Jodi has been with Young Living for over 10 years and is pretty “high up” in her rank with them and earned a totally free {yes completely all expenses paid} trip for 2 to visit the Young Living farm in Ecuador.  Her husband couldn’t go so she took me!!!!  how incredibly cool is that?

Ecuador -1333

I didn’t have many expectations going into the trip, just an open heart and mind and excitement to spend time with one of my best friends alone for 5 days! We stayed in Guayaquil, and traveled to the 2000+ acre farm which is about an hour away.

Ecuador -1168

Seeing the plants that turn into the oils I use was incredible.  That’s Jodi and I in front of a Palo Santo tree on the left and in front of Oregano fields on the right. 

Ecuador -26 Ecuador -1169

Even more incredible than seeing the plants was meeting the Ecuadorian people who work on the YL farm there and their joy. Not only did we get to meet many of the employees, we got to meet many of their kids!!!  This was the really cool part.  Young Living has a school near the farm which educates 300 children PreK-12th grade!  They have their first graduating class this spring!

Ecuador -1105 Ecuador -46

It was the trip of a lifetime and I am just so grateful to Jodi for taking me!


Simple Holidays

This time last year was WAY different than this year.  We spent Thanksgiving last year away from family due to Frank’s broken legs and our move. This year we had a totally uneventful, simple day with family.  It was lovely. I am finding myself very grateful for simple.

Thanksgiving 2015-1463 Thanksgiving 2015-1467


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