Happy Oily Anniversary To Us!

February is a special month for a few reasons. It was during the month of February in 2013 that I finally jumped off of the fence and into the world of Young Living!  It was my 1+1+1=1 blog that led me to the lovely friendship I now have with Jodi McKenna, who is the friend who led me to Young Living.  Three years ago I was totally skeptical and only ordered my kit because Jodi convinced me it was worth a try, and there was a great deal that month. I am SO glad I did and only wish I would have ordered it sooner!

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I don’t normally talk much about oils over here but once a year I like to give an update about where we are at and how they have been working for us. This can be short and to the point – my entire family is on board, including my once very skeptical husband. My kids know which oils to reach for in certain situations and each have their favorites.  I have found support in my overall wellness that I am just thrilled about.  I have replaced many of our household products with safer version that Young Living creates {cleaner, laundry, hand sanitizer, hand soap, veggie wash, etc.}.

I write more about our journey on my Oily Little World blog, here are a few posts I have shared this past year…

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We also send all new members a welcome package! We send my favorite resource and a handmade bag for your new oils!

    Not so sure about this oil thing? I totally understand. I had EVERY question {seriously, ask Jodi how much I bugged her}. Here is my main info page and here are some more FAQ, and please email me [email protected] with any questions you may have.  Common questions are answered – the biggest being…NO you do not have to order monthly to be a member!  I promise Young Living makes it super easy!  You don’t have to sell anything either, you are free to join just for yourself!
    Ready to sign up on our team, just click here <— that link puts you on my team! {double check the enroller/sponsor number to be 1410471 & choose your Premium Starter Kit}! Email me if you have any trouble, or after you sign up so I can let you select your bag fabric!