I’m Not Winning Mom-of-the-Year Anytime Soon, You?


It’s no surprise that I am not winning the mom-of-the-year award anytime soon. I am able to laugh at myself and have come to a much better place during this season of life. But, I haven’t always been here. I used to cry myself to sleep, beat myself up with guilt, and wonder if I would ever truly get the mom-thing.  It was a struggle for many years and I know many of you are right in that struggle.  Honestly, there are days I still struggle, I am just thankful the bad days aren’t as frequent as they used to be.

I’m so excited to point you in the direction of this brand new (and free!) video series created by two moms who have lived their fair share of #momfail days, just like me.

Stephanie and Beth are not only popular bloggers, but they’re also moms in the trenches. They’ve got 8 kids and almost 20 years of mothering experience between them.

They also understand and have the deepest compassion for moms who are working their tails off, but still hitting the pillow at night with a heavy heart and tear-stained face, because they feel like they’re failing at one of the most important things they’ll ever do in their lives.

And so they’ve put together an honest, candid and incredibly encouraging series of three videos just for moms. It’s called “The Truth About #MomFail Culture: 10 Things You Need to Hear on the Hard Days”.

It won’t solve all your problems, and much as they wish they could, they can’t reach through the computer and cook dinner for you tonight. But we can all benefit from a fresh perspective and encouragement from someone who really gets it.

Each video is short – around 10 minutes, and you can watch it on any sort of device and whenever you’ve got a few spare minutes.

To watch the video series, just click this link and enter your name and email to sign up. You’ll get access to the first video today, and then one per day after that.


Be sure to sign up now, these will only be available through April 26, 2016.  You don’t have to watch them before then, but you won’t be able to sign up after 4/26!