Homeschool High School on a Budget

We are on a pretty tight budget right now and as you probably know, homeschooling can be expensive.

Recently I bought Human Development {$30} for my son to use for his Health credit in high school. This is a great deal at only $30.


I also have a membership to mainly for the high school courses. I am currently looking at {and deciding between} the classes shown below. We haven’t nailed down our final decisions for 10th grade yet.

advancedchemistry_Facebook_1200x628-1024x536 Print economics_Facebook_1200x628introductiontographicdesign_Facebook_1200x628 musictheory_Facebook_1200x628 photography_Facebook_1200x628satactmathprep_Facebook_1200x628 spanish1_Facebook_1200x628 webgamedesign_Facebook_1200x628


Wondering how I print digital curriculum affordably?

Print it all with HP Instant Ink