5 Year Oiliversary!

Five years since I first opened a bottle of essential oil. I was a HUGE skeptic and only ordered my Young Living Starter Kit because I trusted Jodi and was willing to give it a try. I am obviously no longer a skeptic.

This past year I have been hard at work behind the scenes and have created many new resources for my Young Living team members. One of my goals is to support my team members well, especially those who don’t live close to me {which is a majority of my team}. Online resources are the best way to do this, and below you will see more about two of the major new additions to our support system.

We also have a big enrollment promo going on this month in honor of my 5 year OILiversary! Read more below about that!

New Oily Classes Facebook Group

Recently I launched a new closed Facebook group with the focus being Oily Education! This group is open to anyone who wants to learn, even if you are already a YL member on another team. It is Young Living focused and targeted towards educating my current and future team members, but I do approve all who want to learn! You can request to be added here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oilylittleworldclasses/

Oily Classes header


Already in the events section you’ll find a Intro class and a January Jumpstart class featuring loads of recipes and printables to go along! More classes will be added so be sure to join the group so you can see them!

Slide1  00_Cover Photo_With Text OLW

Coming soon:

DIY Skin Care, What’s Next: Beyond the Stater Kit, Savvy Minerals Makeup & more!


New Private Team Training Site

I have been working hard behind the scenes to support and educate my team members and am excited to share that all new members on my team will have access to our new team training website!  This is a private site created just for those on my team {meaning if you are already a YL member on another team you won’t be able to access this}.

OLW Private Site


Choose Your Own Welcome Gift!

We send all new members a welcome package and I am excited to offer a fun new incentive for any of you who would like to jump into the oily world with me. Been waiting? Wait no longer, because the sooner you dive in, the better pick you will have!  Choose your own gifts!

I have a limited supply of certain gifts so the sooner you dive in, the more likely it will be that you get YOUR first choice!

All new members will get a bag for your new oils and a reference book!

In addition to that you will be able to choose THREE of the following based on what is available when you join:

  • Lip Balm and keychain holder
  • Hand held diffuser
  • Bottle top labels
  • Diffuser Bracelet
  • Rice heat pack
  • Oil Tools Starter Set {empty roll-on, nasal inhaler, spray bottle and dropper bottle}
  • Extra Book {you can see choices after sign up}
  • Extra oil {choose from the following: Cinnamon Bark Vitality, Citrus Fresh Vitality, KidScents SniffleEase, Oregano Vitality, Nutmeg Vitality, Spearmint Vitality, Christmas Spirit}
  • Product Sample Set {choose three samples from the following: Satin Facial Scrub Mint, Orange Blossom Facial Wash, Cool Azul Pain Cream, Cool Azul Sport Gel, Pure Protein Complete {Chocolate or Vanilla Spice}, Balance Complete, Slique Shake. {not pictured}

Feb 2018 New Member Promo

        Not so sure about this oil thing?

        I totally understand. I had EVERY question {seriously, ask Jodi how much I bugged her}.

        Here is my main info page and here are some more FAQ, and please email me [email protected] with any questions you may have. Common questions are answered – the biggest being…NO you do not have to order monthly to be a member! There’s no membership fee, just a great discount on a starter kit to get you going!  I promise Young Living makes it super easy!  You don’t have to sell anything either, you are free to join just for yourself!

          Ready to sign up on our team? Just click here <— that link puts you on my team! {double check the enroller/sponsor number to be 1410471 & choose your Premium Starter Kit}! Email me if you have any trouble, or after you sign up so I can let you select your gifts!

        Starter Kit Savings

        Young Living Starter Kit Savings February 2018

        Good deal, huh?!? If you just can’t sit on the fence any longer, I’d love to have you join us!

        Note – new starter kits are rolling out now which may include a Thieves Household Cleaner sample in place of the oil sample sachets. Also RC may be replaced with Raven and Purification may be replaced with Citrus Fresh. All wonderful, so either way you win!