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Study.com Review

{disclaimer ~ This post is sponsored by Study.com and I was provided access to Study.com for this review. All opinions are mine}

Are you a teacher? Most of my readers are! Many of you are homeschool teachers, and many of your are classroom teachers in a school. I am excited to share a resource I was introduced to recently that could benefit both kinds of teachers – Study.com!

For those of you who are classroom teachers, Study.com allows you to:

Study.com for teachers

See why one classroom teacher loves Study.Com…


If you are a classroom teacher, they have great Teacher Certification resources, be sure to take a peek at these:


As a former classroom teacher, this site blew me away, I wish it was something I had access to when I was teaching in the classroom! Now, being a homeschool teacher, the benefits are different but equally as exciting!

The first way I searched to see how this resources could supplement our homeschool was with my son’s 10th grade English course! We are studying Jane Eyre and various short stories right now and I was thrilled to find resources for all of theses on Study.com! Jane Eyre has been the most difficult for us {mostly because he doesn’t enjoy the story}, so this was exceptionally helpful to both of us! Specifically, we are using the Jane Eyre Study Guide.

Jane Eyre Study Guide

I was particularly interested in the first chapter of the study guide, and found it very helpful.

Jane Eyre Chapters

You are able to see much of what is included even without a Study.com account. There are video lessons, written transcripts of the video lessons, worksheets, quizzes and more. I am seriously blown away!

We are currently going through some of the Jane Eyre Study Guide lessons together to deepen our understanding of this book.

In the screenshot below you can see the first three lessons in chapter 1.

Jane Eyre Chapter 1

After each short lesson, you take a 5 question quiz. These are very helpful, and Study.com records your progress automatically.

A VERY cool feature, is the assignment feature. You can set up a classroom of students and assign lessons to the entire class or an individual student. You can then see the results on your dashboard as a teacher. Since I have one student using this currently, I set up my class just for him, below you can see a screenshot of the assignment screen.

Jane Eyre assignments

This feature is very simple to set up and Study.com does a great job explaining how to do it.

There’s an APP too!

Yes, there’s a Study.com app that can be used on a phone or tablet, which makes learning on the go so easy! I tested out the app on both my iPhone and my iPad and it worked seamlessly on both!

In Summary…

It took me awhile to see the amazing value in Study.com and honestly I am still exploring. There is just SO much there, sometimes that causes me to ignore a fabulous resource. It is just too overwhelming. Thankfully, writing this review forced me to investigate deeply and I am happy to report that this is a tool I would like to continue using in my homeschool. Other areas I am currently exploring include:

Interested? Study.com has various plans to fit your needs and a free trial period so you can determine if it’s right for you. For teachers {homeschool or classroom} you should definitely look at the Teacher Plan, which includes unlimited virtual classrooms – meaning your students access the lessons you assign under that account.